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Fivetran Named a Launch Partner for Google BigQuery Data Transfer Service

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Fivetran today announced it is a launch
partner for Data
Transfer Service
, a new offering from Google Cloud that enables
BigQuery customers to use Fivetran
data connectors without leaving the Google Cloud environment. The
automated setup and product integration between Google Cloud and
Fivetran will allow BigQuery users to minimize their time to value and
accelerate analytics projects by reducing the setup and maintenance
overhead traditionally incurred when centralizing disparate data
sources. This partnership builds on an ethos of Fivetran — that
cloud-first, fully managed data services should not only be robust and
powerful but also easy to use.

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“Every company should have access to all their data, in one place, in
real time, and Data Transfer Service is the realization of that vision,”
said George Fraser, Fivetran CEO and co-founder. “The era of every
company building fragile, error-prone custom ETL pipelines is over. Data
Transfer Service gives you the power of BigQuery with the self-driving
data infrastructure of Fivetran under the hood, so accessing your
business data is as easy as writing a query.”

Fivetran is among the first external partners of Google’s Data Transfer
Service (DTS) for BigQuery. Currently, Fivetran and Google Cloud offer
connectors for over 100 sources — including Salesforce, Marketo,
NetSuite and more — and the list will continue to expand as Fivetran
develops new data connectors.

Once customers use DTS to replicate data from siloed sources into
BigQuery, they can take advantage of the many analytics and data science
tools from external BigQuery partners like Looker and Tableau, as well
as Google Cloud products like Data Studio, BigQueryML and Cloud AutoML.
By simplifying the process of getting data to customers, Fivetran is
helping analytics teams focus on driving insights rather than managing

BigQuery customers can use the Fivetran service for free during a 14-day
trial period. To get started, navigate to the Google Cloud Platform
Marketplace, search for Fivetran to see a list of data sources, select a
source, and click Enroll. Then follow the on-screen instructions — it
only takes a few minutes.

Here’s what people are saying about Fivetran and Google BigQuery:

“We like BigQuery a lot. It’s simple with Fivetran for managing the
upload and syncing process. One of the nice things about Fivetran is the
ease of integration.”
– Carlos Nido, Senior Manager, Data &
Analytics, Chubbies

“We could do the ETL ourselves, but it would be a lot of headaches.
Fivetran was so easy to trial and set up. It was a no-brainer. The
Fivetran team did a great job, too. We easily and quickly got our data
into BigQuery.”
– Mark Schindler, Head of Analytics and
Business Intelligence, Fountain

“Fivetran is really simple in a good way. They extract the data and load
it into the warehouse in the format you want. We just trust them to do
– Jim Shedlick, Director of Architecture, Label

“With Fivetran and Google Cloud Platform, we’ve freed data scientists to
devote themselves to doing data analytics to help teachers and
administrators improve student performance.”
– Chris Haid, Chief of
Staff, Chicago
KIPP schools


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