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First Freely Available Patent Transactions Database Launched by Unified Patents and ROI

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Unified Patents, the organization dedicated to deterring NPE activity and improving transparency in the patent markets, today announced the launch of a new collaboration with Richardson Oliver Insights (ROI) to provide free access to patent transaction data on more than 25,000 patent families that are For Sale and Likely Sold via the Portal, Unified’s open IP analytics platform. Top companies transacting include Cisco, Nokia, RPX, Xiaomi, and Verizon.

Under the multiyear collaboration agreement, ROI exclusively provides patent purchase opportunities and closed sales data to the Portal showing which patents are up for sale, by who, and where they went after a transaction was completed. Buyers can then directly link to IAM Market purchase opportunities.

“As the operator of the world’s number one IP marketplace, we are excited to see Unified’s Portal integrate ROI’s transaction data to further enable the market,” said John Eborall, Commercial Director of the IAM Market.

“For a market to become more efficient buyers or sellers of patents need to know what’s going on in the secondary market. Our work with Unified’s will better inform industry decision makers to bring more transparency to the market which should make it grow,” says Kent Richardson, CEO of ROI.

Kevin Jakel, CEO of Unified, further explains: “When we first launched the Portal, our goal was to help the industry make informed strategic decisions. ROI is the authoritative patent transaction data company in our industry and this collaboration enables our users to further expand their data-driven strategic decisions and improve patent quality.”

The Portal is quickly becoming one of the top IP analytics platforms open to anyone ( Learn more about ROI’s transaction data at

About Unified Patents

Founded in 2012, Unified Patents is an international membership organization that seeks to improve patent quality and deter unsubstantiated or invalid patent assertions in defined technology sectors (Zones) through its activities. As a deterrence entity, its actions are focused on substantial assertions by Standards Essential Patents (SEP) holders and/or Non-Practicing Entities (NPEs). These actions may include analytics, prior art, invalidity contests, patentability analysis, administrative patent review (PTAB), amicus briefs, economic surveys, and essentiality studies. Unified works independently of its members to achieve its deterrence goals. Small members join for free while larger organizations pay modest annual fees. Visit

About Richardson Oliver Insights

Founded in 2017, ROI is a leading provider of secondary patent market data. Led by industry veterans and thought leaders in the heart of Silicon Valley, ROI combines proprietary market data and analytical experience to help patent buyers find the right patents at the right price, help patent sellers optimize their sales offerings, and help patent strategists to make data-driven decisions. Founders Kent Richardson, CEO, and Erik Oliver, COO, have helped customers complete more than $120M in patent transactions, and have authored over 80 publications and presentations. IAM has included them in the top 300 IP strategists in the world for the past 10 years running. For more information, visit