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FINEOS to Present and Sponsor at the DMEC FMLA/ADA Employer Compliance Conference

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, the market-leading provider of group and individual
core systems for life, accident and health insurance, will present and
sponsor at the DMEC
FMLA/ADA Employer Compliance Conference
taking place in Portland,
OR, from May 6 – 9, 2019.

Two FINEOS disability and absence experts, Megan
and Lori
, have been invited to participate across three key sessions:

On Tuesday, May 7 Megan Holstein, FINEOS Corporation and Janet Lee, JD
Counsel, Cigna will present “What’s Your Appetite for Risk? Compliance
Questions with No Good Answers”. On the surface, FMLA regulations may
appear comprehensive and clear, but dig deeper and things can start
looking murky. During this session, they will explore resolutions to
complex questions, pros and cons of various decisions, and what it all
means for an employer’s risk.

On Wednesday, May 8 Lori Welty, FINEOS Corporation will moderate a
roundtable discussion. Entitled “A State Regulator, Employer, and
Administrator Perspective on WA Paid Family and Medical Leave”, this
session will address how your business can prepare to implement the
Washington state paid family and medical leave benefits starting in 2020.

On Wednesday, Lori Welty, FINEOS Corporation and Janet Lee, JD Counsel,
Cigna will present “Making the Pieces Fit: Overtime, Harassment, and
Compensation’s Interplay with Leave of Absence.” In this session, learn
about the relationship between absence laws and other employment laws,
such as wage and hour, anti-discrimination laws, benefit laws, labor
laws, and more.

simplifies complexity by automating processes around paid
and unpaid absences, including insurance Short Term Disability (STD)
claims. Gone are the days of manual calculations, relying on
spreadsheets, utilizing multiple legacy systems, or reading through a
client profile database. FINEOS Absence automates Integrated Disability
and Absence Management (IDAM), helping to ensure that you’re compliant.
Automating and centralizing IDAM reduces both costs and hours, while a
unified data archive gives you the security and analytical insight to
run your operation.

FINEOS staff will be available throughout the event and would love to
meet there to discuss how FINEOS can assist with your next project.

About FINEOS Corporation

FINEOS has over 50 life, accident and health carriers globally;
including 7 of the top ten carriers in the US and 4 of the top 5
carriers in Australia. With employees and offices throughout the world,
FINEOS continues to scale rapidly, working with innovative progressive
carriers in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

provides customers full end to end core administration for
group, voluntary and individual across life, accident and health. The
FINEOS Platform includes the FINEOS
core product suite as well as add-on products, FINEOS
to support digital engagement and FINEOS
for analytics and reporting.

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