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Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Pre-Employment Screening Program Receives Communicator Award

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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) Pre-Employment
Screening Program (PSP) won a Communicator Award for a program overview
video that introduces viewers to the program and its safety benefits for
motor carriers. The video is available on the PSP website at

The Communicator Awards, judged by the Academy of Interactive and Visual
Arts (AVIA), is an annual competition honoring the best in advertising,
corporate communications, public relations and identity work for print,
video, interactive and audio. The PSP overview video was honored with an
Award of Distinction in the online video category.

PSP provides immediate online access to commercial drivers’ safety
histories, with the drivers’ written authorization, to assist motor
carriers with the hiring process. FMCSA contracts with NIC Federal, LLC
to develop and maintain PSP. FMCSA is responsible for the PSP data and
general oversight, while NIC Federal handles daily operations, customer
service, and technology development and maintenance. The overview video
is a recent addition to the partnership’s ongoing initiatives to educate
motor carriers about PSP and increase program adoption.

“PSP’s printed marketing materials have received recognition in the
past, and we’re glad to see the program’s expansion into video
communications earn similar acclaim,” said Laura Johnson, NIC Federal
General Manager. “We seek methods to quickly impart the value of PSP to
the busy professionals of the motor carrier industry, and we’re
delighted to receive encouragement from communications professionals in
the form of this award.”

According to a study released by FMCSA, PSP positively impacts the
safety of America’s roadways. The study shows that motor carriers using
PSP have, on average, decreased crash rates by 8 percent, and driver
out-of-service (OOS) rates by 17 percent. It is estimated that in the 12
months studied, the motor carrier group using PSP prevented 863 crashes
and more than 3,500 driver OOS incidents. The results of the study can
be found at:

About the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

The FMCSA was established as a separate administration within the U.S.
Department of Transportation (DOT) on Jan. 1, 2000. Its primary mission
is to reduce crashes, injuries and fatalities involving large trucks and
buses. To learn more about FMCSA, visit

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