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FeaturePeek Raises $1.8 Million to Provide Supercharged Deployment Previews for All

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FeaturePeek, the company transforming the front-end review process, today announced that it has raised $1.8 million in seed funding from Matrix Partners and select angel investors. Funds will be used to further product development as the company continues to scale. FeaturePeek, which was part of Y Combinator’s Summer 2019 cohort, also announced the availability of new features that make the front-end review process even easier and more accessible for teams and independent developers, particularly as they are required to work remotely.

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FeaturePeek’s drawer sits on top of deployment previews and adds powerful tools like comments, screenshots and more. (Graphic: Business Wire)

FeaturePeek’s drawer sits on top of deployment previews and adds powerful tools like comments, screenshots and more. (Graphic: Business Wire)

FeaturePeek was designed to provide front-end review capabilities that enable developers to get feedback from stakeholders at every stage of the product development and review process. FeaturePeek offers on-demand front-end staging environments with a drawer overlay that allows team members to collaborate on the implementation on the page itself. By creating a mechanism for clear, early feedback, engineers can become less frustrated and more impactful because they no longer have to context switch. They are also spared the stress and pain of undoing or adjusting considerable amounts of work at the last minute before a release goes live because changes are made throughout the development cycle.

On top of this, organizations reap substantial benefits from FeaturePeek’s technology as releases move forward at a much faster rate. Delays are minimized because all team members can collaborate efficiently. Additionally, FeaturePeek’s capabilities ensure quality and stability while quickly freeing up teams to focus on other new features.

With its latest release, FeaturePeek debuts a new, free command-line tool that lets developers try out personal projects without needing to set up a Continuous Integration pipeline. They can also send their work to colleagues, effortlessly deploying previews within the platform and making it possible to annotate within pages, providing a fast and easy way to receive feedback. The offering works with all frameworks and hosting providers.

“The rate of change on front end interfaces is increasing exponentially as engineers strive to combine design and product concepts and collaborate to bring them all to fruition,” said Eric Silverman, CEO and co-founder of FeaturePeek. “In the current environment however, finding solutions that readily engage the product and design teams early is especially difficult. They can’t just swing by the developer’s desk and look over his or her shoulder. FeaturePeek wants to be sure that review cycles and QA testing are as simple and collaborative as possible, regardless of conditions. We’ve developed an easy-to-use, highly functional solution that is absolutely seamless to integrate.”

FeaturePeek was built to plug in with familiar tools, and its service is hosting provider agnostic. Any company or developer can leverage its powerful tools without making changes to existing processes and setups. FeaturePeek supports all of the major Continuous Integration services, and integrates with popular productivity tools such as Slack, Trello, and Clubhouse.

“FeaturePeek solves one of the biggest frustrations for developers without requiring the replacement of any of their existing infrastructure,” said Ilya Sukhar, general partner at Matrix Partners. “And with the new release, FeaturePeek helps teams keep up their pace and quality as they adapt to a new work environment in light of Covid-19.”

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About FeaturePeek

FeaturePeek was founded by former Apple employees Eric Silverman and Jason Barry. After spending years working together, they realized the tremendous need for front end teams to have a dedicated collaboration platform.

They founded FeaturePeek as the means to solve key issues that inhibit product development and review cycles. The company is backed by Matrix Partners, Y Combinator and a number of prominent angel investors. It is based in the Dogpatch district of San Francisco.