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Fauna Named to Database Trends and Applications 2019 DBTA 100

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provider of the popular cloud-first OLTP database FaunaDB,
announced today that it has been selected for inclusion in the 2019 DBTA
100 published by Database Trends and Applications. The annual
DBTA 100 highlights the most important companies in data that are each
addressing the evolving demands for hardware, software, and services.

Inclusion in this list is the latest in a series of milestones achieved
by Fauna, including a recent independent database benchmark conducted by
third party testing firm Jepsen
that confirmed that FaunaDB offers the strongest possible consistency
guarantees for distributed and cloud environments. Additionally, Fauna
recently announced expansion of its query interface with new APIs such
as GraphQL to further simplify development of cloud applications. Fauna
Founder and CEO Evan Weaver was also recently selected for membership in
the Forbes Tech Council, an honor reserved for experts in specific

“FaunaDB is unique in that it is the only serverless
cloud database that offers the ease of adoption developers expect
without sacrificing transactional guarantees they need,” said Evan
Weaver, Founder and CEO of Fauna. “Inclusion in this prestigious list by
a foremost authority on database trends is validation of the innovative
work we are doing to support modern, scalable, real-time applications –
a key aspect of the efforts developers are making to raise the bar on
the application experience.”

is a groundbreaking technology solution that combines the scale and
flexibility of NoSQL with the safety and data integrity of legacy
relational systems. Unlike other NoSQL systems, FaunaDB delivers ACID
compliance and scales transactions across multiple shards and regions
without compromising accuracy and integrity of data and transactions.
FaunaDB is based on Calvin,
a protocol for fast distributed transactions for partitioned database
systems. Formulated by leading academic Daniel J. Abadi and a team of
researchers at Yale University, Calvin uses a deterministic ordering
guarantee to significantly reduce the normally prohibitive contention
costs associated with distributed ACID transactions and overcome issues
with eventual consistency found in other database systems.

FaunaDB’s unique multi-model approach enables developers to model any
type of data – relational, document, graph and temporal paradigms – in
one database system, making FaunaDB one of the most versatile cloud
database services on the market. Serverless and multi-cloud, FaunaDB
Cloud allows developers to use a variety of query languages to
manipulate all their data, delivering unmatched levels of productivity
for serverless application development.

“We’re excited to announce our seventh annual list, as the industry
continues to grow and evolve,” remarked Thomas Hogan, Group Publisher at
Database Trends and Applications. “Today, more than ever, businesses are
looking to increase their efficiency, agility and ability to innovate by
managing and leveraging data in new and novel ways. This list seeks to
highlight those companies that have been successful in establishing
themselves as unique resources for data professionals and stakeholders.”

The “DBTA 100” is compiled annually by the editorial staff at Database
Trends and Applications. This year’s selections can be viewed here: DBTA
100 2019

About Fauna

FaunaDB is a cloud-first database that offers low-latency, global access
to both relational and document data, without sacrificing strong data
consistency. Scalable, secure, and developer-friendly, FaunaDB is
designed to support modern application development in the Cloud.
Developers looking to build rich applications look to FaunaDB as the de
facto data platform for speed and ease. Founded in 2012 by the team that
scaled Twitter, Fauna is based in San Francisco and Boston, and funded
by Point72 Ventures, CRV, Data Collective, and Quest Venture Partners,
with strategic investment from GV (formerly Google Ventures, a division
of Alphabet), Capital One Growth Ventures, and LINE Corporation. For
more information visit
or follow us at @fauna.