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Fast Simon Unveils Industry’s First Display Merchandising Optimizer

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Fast Simon (formerly InstantSearch+) today unveiled a new breakthrough Display Merchandising Optimizer module for its popular AI shopping optimization solution.

Traditional automated merchandising solutions typically focus on the order and sorting of products in collections or search results. Although the order of products is important in creating a personalized experience that matches a merchant’s objective, the essence of merchandising goes beyond arranging products to displaying products in the most appealing way to shoppers.

The leading product image in a collection or landing page is critical to entice shoppers to click. Until now, with the lack of other methods, the majority of merchants would merely try to guess the winning product image. Some merchants who are more data driven sometimes attempt to conduct A/B testing on a very small number of products. However, this can take weeks and doesn’t keep up with the dynamic changes of a busy eCommerce store. In some areas, such as fast fashion, there is simply no time for A/B testing.

Now, for the first time, merchants have an automated solution that solves this problem. The Display Merchandising Optimizer uses advanced AI technology to analyze shopping behavior, back-end sales history, image performance, and other data signals to find and present the best product images that are inspirational and effective for shoppers. It then automatically presents the winning performance data.

“Ecommerce display merchandising is mainly guesswork to determine what appeals to shoppers,” said Zohar Gilad, CEO of Fast Simon. “For online commerce, it boils down to which product image will be most inspiring for shoppers. Our new Display Merchandising Optimizer is the first solution to automatically determine and display the most pleasing product images and arrangements for the eye, and what customers are most likely to buy.”

The new module is part of Fast Simon’s advanced AI retail merchandising solution, which automates online merchandising to delight shoppers and maximize sales. Merchandisers can create personalized, targeted experiences with simple drag-and-drop editors, combined with rule-based automation, and AI merchandising strategies to create effective merchandising campaigns.

About Fast Simon

Fast Simon is the leader in AI-powered shopping optimization. Its revolutionary platform uniquely integrates shopper, behavioral and store signals for strategic merchandising and optimized shopping experiences that dramatically increase conversions and average order value (AOV). Fast Simon powers shopping optimization at thousands of fast-growing merchants and sophisticated brands, including Steve Madden, Natural Life and Motherhood. Fast Simon integrates seamlessly with all major eCommerce platforms, including Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Microsoft Dynamics and WooCommerce.