Press release

Ezepostit.Com Launches EZE-Tech, a New Mobile App Where Technicians Provide IT Services on Demand

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an Ottawa/Gatineau based IT Company that provides IT support on demand,
will launch its dynamic new mobile application Eze-Tech Soon. The app is
aimed at providing companies with easy and quick access to experienced
computer technicians. These technicians are available around the clock
to help solve technical problems that might arise in businesses and with
residential consumers.

How it works:

  • The end user runs a wizard on the app screen and based on the customer
    selection the app automatically selects the technicians that match the
    job description profile
  • The app automatically notifies the technician about any incoming job
    and technician has 120 seconds to accept or reject the job

The app offers a variety of services, including:

  • Windows Install, repair
  • Windows Servers Software, Hardware
  • Desktop, laptop repair
  • MacBook
  • Computer network
  • Printers
  • Viruses, etc.

“With today’s heavy reliance on technology it’s imperative that our
devices work to the best of their ability, especially in a professional
setting. But this is not always the case, as many of us can attest to,”
says Georges Kozah, President, Inc. “The IT industry has
been slow to recognize the inconvenience that consumers must face when
these devices don’t meet their needs. That’s where Eze-Tech’s app comes
in. Now the ability to solve IT problems is right at your fingertips!”

Operating in the National Capital Region
in Ottawa, The Company will help small to medium sized businesses, as
well as individuals with home computing. Eze-Tech provides the technical
expertise to allow customers to focus on their core business and reap
the benefits of effective IT services and solutions.

EZE-Tech is a new mobile app aimed at
providing companies with easy and quick access to experienced computer