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ExaGrid and Zerto Announce Integrated Solution for Real-Time Backup and Recovery

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a leading provider of intelligent hyperconverged storage for backup,
today announced the availability of an integrated disaster recovery,
long-term retention backup storage, and data backup solution with Zerto,
an industry leader for IT resilience. It is key to a complete business
continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) plan that data is protected and
recoverable during a disaster from very granular restore points, as well
as providing long-term retention compliance for the growing number of
data protection regulations, such as HIPAA, GLBA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and
addressing the need to prepare for SEC audits and legal discovery.

Zerto’s continuous data protection (CDP) ensures that changes are
constantly recorded to the Zerto Elastic Journal so that recovery points
are kept up to date. The platform converges disaster recovery (DR) and
backup for continuous availability. This approach, in combination with
ExaGrid’s unique disk Landing Zone, Adaptive Deduplication process, and
scale-out architecture, provides a solution that includes continuous
data protection and scalable long-term backup retention storage.

Zerto writes long-term daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly backups
directly to ExaGrid’s landing zone for fast restores of recently added
backups. In parallel with the backup, but not inline, ExaGrid
deduplicates the data into the ExaGrid repository for long-term
retention needs and requirements. As data grows, appliances are simply
added to the ExaGrid system, which eliminates controller forklift
upgrades and product obsolescence, versus traditional scale-up solutions
that force forklift upgrades and periodic product obsolescence.

“There are a number of applications, data types, and organizations that
require real-time backup and recovery as well as disaster recovery.
ExaGrid is pleased to be a strategic partner of Zerto and is excited to
see the fruits of our joint development efforts go to market,” said Bill
Andrews, CEO and President of ExaGrid.

“In an age of continuous digital transformation, businesses require new
levels of resilience from their DR and backup solutions,” commented Ziv
Kedem, CEO and co-founder of Zerto. “Backup and DR providers should be
striving to innovate ahead of need, and Zerto 7.0 does exactly that – it
revolutionizes the way backup is done. We are happy to be partnering
with ExaGrid to enable them to deliver the enhanced capabilities and
performance their customers want, adding new levels of IT resilience to
their data protection strategies, going above and beyond any other DR
and backup solution.”

Together, ExaGrid and Zerto provide:

  • Continuous data protection with real-time restores for BC/DR
  • Cost-effective long-term retention storage
  • Intelligent Indexing and Search of all protected data
  • Low-cost, offsite long-term retention storage for DR

Combining Zerto’s IT Resilience Platform with ExaGrid’s disk-based
backup storage leverages the strengths of each solution to provide
advanced, comprehensive and best-in-class real-time data protection of
virtualized environments. Data is retained in deduplicated form, meeting
compliance-driven retention demands at a reduced storage footprint and
cost. ExaGrid and Zerto together can replicate data in the onsite
ExaGrid system to an offsite location, public cloud, or a secondary
physical ExaGrid system, in order to ensure that all long-term retention
data is protected from a site disaster.

About ExaGrid
ExaGrid provides intelligent hyperconverged
storage for backup with data deduplication, a unique landing zone, and
scale-out architecture. ExaGrid’s landing zone provides for the fastest
backups, restores, and instant VM recoveries. Its scale-out architecture
includes full appliances in a scale-out system and ensures a
fixed-length backup window as data grows, eliminating expensive forklift
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