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Eutelsat America Corp. to Participate in NASA’s Space Relay Partnership and Services Study

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Regulatory News:

Eutelsat America Corp., a subsidiary of Eutelsat Communications
(Paris:ETL), has been selected by NASA for the Next Space Technologies
for Exploration Partnerships-2 (NextSTEP-2) as part of the NASA Space
Relay Partnership and Services Study.

The NextSTEP-2 programme seeks to establish partnerships with US
companies to evaluate the incorporation of commercial elements into the
future space relay services that will be provided by the agency’s Space
Communications and Navigation (SCaN) Networks.

This first stage, for which Eutelsat America Corp. has been selected, is
a five-month study that will examine how relay communications and
navigation services can be provided on commercial platform solutions
based on standards interoperable across commercial and NASA networks.
The study will determine the elements required to incorporate NASA’s
optical technology onto commercial spacecraft. This project could open
the door to the use of Public-Private Partnerships to develop and
introduce new operational capabilities for future use by NASA.

David Bair, CEO of Eutelsat America Corp., said: “We are delighted to
have been selected for this study by NASA as they evaluate partnerships
with commercial operators across the industry to foster the growth of
the commercial satellite communications relay services market. This
project could benefit future NASA missions for new and greater
scientific discovery, in alignment with the NASA envisioned Next
Generation Architecture. We look forward to the success of this initial
stage and to continuing to work with NASA as this project grows.”

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