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ETA hand2mind Announces Name Change to hand2mind

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, a leader in hands-on learning since 1965, proudly
announces that it has changed its name to hand2mind. The new name
represents the company’s mission to support teachers, inspire students,
engage parents, and champion learning by doing.

The name “hand2mind” highlights the company’s role in schools around the
world: helping students reach their full potential through its hands-on,
engaging resources in math, science, STEM, and literacy subjects.

“Our vision for hand2mind for more than 50 years has been learning by
doing,” hand2mind’s CEO Rick Woldenberg said. “Our hands-on learning
products and systems are engaging, developmentally appropriate,
standards-based and help children achieve a deeper understanding of

Products such as Daily
Math Fluency
provide educators a ready-made solution to improving
students’ grasp of basic math facts through greater efficiency, better
strategy and higher confidence—in as little as 10 minutes a day. The VersaTiles®
Math and VersaTiles® Literacy
products are
action-oriented alternatives to standard workbooks. VersaTiles®
provides the visual, interactive approach that students need to develop
conceptual understanding.

“We help students reach their full potential by supporting educators
with quality, hands-on classroom resources,” Woldenberg concluded. “We
believe learning is a fundamental right. Every child deserves the
opportunity to succeed through their own unique path to learning. We
partner with schools and families to navigate that crucial learning

For more information on the resources hand2mind provides and to view
product demos, please visit
or connect with hand2mind on Twitter @hand2mind.

About hand2mind
With more than 50 years of experience in
education, hand2mind provides interactive, hands-on resources for math,
science, STEM, and literacy. Our mission is to support teachers, inspire
students, engage parents, and champion learning by doing. A family-owned
company, hand2mind is based in Vernon Hills, Illinois. For more
information, please visit