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ESO Takes Over Emergency Medical Services Performance Improvement Center (EMSPIC) from the University of North Carolina

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the leading data and software company serving emergency medical services
(EMS), fire departments and hospitals, today announced that it has
stepped in and assumed responsibility for the North Carolina, South
Carolina and West Virginia state EMS data systems previously managed by
the EMS
Performance Improvement Center (EMSPIC) at the University of North
Carolina (UNC)

“We are honored to step in and manage the state repositories in the
three states,” said Allen Johnson, Vice President and General Manager of
ESO’s EMS Division. “We have a long history of providing quality
software and data products to the industry, and we plan to leverage that
expertise to ensure a seamless experience and uninterrupted operations
for the state agencies during this transition period as UNC exits the
EMSPIC business.”

ESO will work with state officials across all three states to collect
and analyze EMS patient care reports from the nearly 900 EMS agencies
across these states. The collection and analysis of data will help with
injury prevention, performance improvement and better patient
outcomes. EMS agencies in the three states will continue to report data
through their respective electronic patient care reporting software
platforms. ESO assumed responsibility for EMSPIC operations on April 4,

The EMSPIC was established in 1999. It developed and maintained the EMS
Data System for the states of North Carolina, South Carolina, and West
Virginia. The records in the System were the raw data for the EMS
Performance Improvement Toolkits that EMS systems used to monitor their
care delivery/performance and anonymously compare themselves with
similar systems based on established metrics.

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