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ERI’s John Shegerian Describes Privacy, Data Protection and Security Best Practices at Ai4 Cybersecurity Conference

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John Shegerian, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of ERI,
the nation’s leading fully integrated IT and electronics asset
disposition provider and cybersecurity-focused hardware destruction
company, was a featured panelist this week at the Ai4 Cybersecurity
Conference in New York City.

Over two days, the Ai4 Cybersecurity event brings together business
leaders, data practitioners, and AI pioneers who are applying artificial
intelligence to solve problems and create opportunities in the
cybersecurity industry. Thanks to the convergence of modern computing
power and data science, the cybersecurity industry is leveraging AI to
create entirely new value.

As part of a cross-disciplinary panel titled “Data Protection &
Security,” Shegerian was joined on stage by Prateek Agrawal, MD – Head
of Global Business Continuity Management for Citi; Anju Chopra, SVP of
Technology, Identity Theft & Breach Notification for Kroll; Jason
Bonds, General Manager of PingIntelligence for Ping Identity; and
Prashil Kumar, Head of IT Operations & Infrastructure for Fiji Airways.

The experts shared the latest intel on best practices from varying
perspectives about protecting privacy and managing data in the AI and
high tech age.

During the discussion, Shegerian described and shared insights on what
types of private and potentially dangerous content can be easily
accessed on discarded – even on “wiped” hardware. He also explained key
concerns relating to e-waste recycling and ITAD, such as new regulatory
issues and the very real threat of hardware hacking.

“At Ai4 Cybersecurity, our goal has been to bring industry leaders
together to highlight the most valuable insights by delivering specific
use cases,” said Madeline Jecklin, Ai4’s co-founder. “Whether the
members of our audience hold technical, non-technical, or hybrid
roles, Ai4 is focused on helping them along on your AI journey, at
whichever stage they may be. Having experts like John Shegerian on board
to bring a unique perspective on something like hardware hacking, which
is meaningful to everyone in the room, is the kind of information
exchange that Ai4 is all about.”

“It has been an honor and privilege to share our insights with Ai4’s
audience at this important, forward-thinking conference,” said
Shegerian. “It has been rewarding to share what we know and what we’ve
learned with other thought leaders from different sectors of business,
discussing the urgent importance of data destruction, protecting the
privacy of people and businesses. Proper destruction of private digital
data has become a crucially important issue and these conversations at
Ai4 have been vital.”

ERI is the largest fully integrated IT and electronics asset
disposition provider and cybersecurity-focused hardware destruction
company in the United States. ERI is
at the highest level by all leading environmental and data security
oversight organizations to de-manufacture, recycle, and refurbish every
type of electronic device in an environmentally responsible manner. ERI
has the capacity to process more than a billion pounds of electronic
waste annually at its eight certified locations, serving every zip code
in the United States. ERI’s mission is to protect organizations, people
and the environment.
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