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Equity Trust Company Launches myEQUITY Account Management System to Simplify Alternative Investing with IRAs

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Equity Trust Company, a leading financial services company offering
retirement accounts and alternative asset custody for individuals and
financial professionals, today announced the launch of myEQUITY – a
dynamic online account management system designed to streamline the
alternative investing process for IRAs.

Despite their popularity as investment and diversification strategies,
alternative assets such as real estate, private equity, notes, private
debt, and precious metals, among others, are only estimated to account
for a small percentage of the $29
trillion held in retirement plans

“The complexity and administrative burden of investing in alternative
assets with retirement accounts has been a significant barrier for many
investors and financial institutions,” says Renee Brown, Senior Vice
President, Client Experience and Analytics. “myEQUITY transforms the
alternative investing processes for retirement investors with an easy
online solution, while also providing financial professionals the
ability to oversee their investors’ alternative assets.”

Featuring intuitive online investment wizards for real estate and
private debt, myEQUITY provides an interactive experience, with
educational resources supporting clients through each step of the
process. Online wizards also make it easy for investors to open an
account, initiate a transfer, pay expenses and take distributions.

With around-the-clock account access from any device, investors and
financial professionals will benefit from a clear line of sight to
account data and transaction activity through interactive dashboards, TransactionTracker
status pages, and options to filter and export account history. Built-in
security features include two-factor authentication, while e-signature
and document upload options streamline processes, decrease paperwork and
support Equity Trust Company’s green initiative.

myEQUITY was built on a foundation of continuous client feedback with
features driven by the needs of investors and financial professionals.
Equity Trust Company is committed to further developing the technology
to support all investment types with continuous functionality releases.

“We are focused on delivering a positive and valuable experience every
time clients engage with us,” said Jessica Hunley, Product Manager,
Digital Experience, “and myEQUITY provides a streamlined, simplified
platform for our clients to manage their accounts in a more convenient
and accessible way.”

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Equity Trust Company is a financial
services company that enables individual investors and financial
professionals to diversify investment portfolios using alternative asset
classes such as real estate, tax liens, private equity and precious
metals. The Equity Trust family of companies offers custodial services
for alternative investments and back-office solutions for Registered
Investment Advisors, brokerage services, directed trustee services and
more. Equity Trust Company is the trusted custodian and administrator of
$25 billion in assets on behalf of more than 160,000 clients as of
December 31, 2018.

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Company is for educational purposes only, and should not be construed as
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