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Entrespace, LLC Has Released a New Version of its Location-Independent and Disaster-Proof OfficeFLO® Platform to Make it Easier for Healthcare Organizations with Cloud-Based EHR Systems to Operate Remotely During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Entrespace, LLC has released a new version of its OfficeFLO® platform to help healthcare organizations better interact with patients and their healthcare providers, simplifying telephony, tracking and handling voicemails, text messages, and making it easy for patients and their healthcare providers to fill out online forms and share patient records electronically. OfficeFLO® Healthcare subscription service is offered for solo practitioners, healthcare practices with multiple locations as well as multi-provider practices.

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Snapshots of the upload portal on a mobile device and an internal-use password protected website for staff members of healthcare organizations on a desktop. (Photo: Business Wire)

Snapshots of the upload portal on a mobile device and an internal-use password protected website for staff members of healthcare organizations on a desktop. (Photo: Business Wire)

While existing patients can often communicate and share their records with healthcare offices using a patient portal, new patients or external healthcare providers are typically not able to do so. That’s one of the reasons healthcare organizations continue to rely on fax machines. While many other industries have migrated almost exclusively into the online digital world, in the healthcare industry it is still common practice for patients to have to fill out numerous paper forms each time they visit a new healthcare provider. Instead of having to receive patient records by fax, and patients needing to come into the office 15 mins early to fill out multiple paper forms (often with duplicate information), OfficeFLO® clients can offer new and existing patients and their healthcare providers, online forms and an upload portal that can be used to securely share patient records without user IDs or passwords.

In addition, instead of callers having to leave voicemails or play phone tag with the office, with OfficeFLO® one can send text messages to the healthcare office to ask a simple question or to coordinate a good time for a call.

With OfficeFLO®, patients and providers need to know only one phone number (the same number for all locations and offices). Staff at multiple locations can answer phone calls regardless of their location or schedule, with no forwarding or re-forwarding required. In addition, staff members can work remotely from any location, as long as their EHR system is cloud-based and there is a robust Internet connection.

OfficeFLO® provides centralized and simplified tracking of voicemails and text messages received from patients and their providers by any authorized staff member, regardless of their location. For example, there can be one centralized HIPAA-compliant voicemail box, and one texting app for all members of the front desk team. OfficeFLO® also includes easy-to-use desktop and mobile apps for accessing a consolidated voice mailbox, voicemail messages and transcriptions as well as text messages, from any location on any device. Staff members receive instant notifications about voicemail and text messages.

Staff can collaborate with ease and convenience, track status and manage workflow activities related to patient forms, patient notes and files received electronically through their public website, to ensure that none of the received submissions are overlooked, that they are reviewed and handled timely.

The OfficeFLO® Healthcare Premium Subscription Service comes with the following capabilities:

EntreCom® – Telecommunications service (voice, texting, HIPAA-compliant transcribed voicemails, auto-attendant) – see video tutorial

● HIPAA-compliant email

● HIPAA-compliant secure online file backup and sharing, online internal-use shared team disk drives

● Personalized internet domain and public website (e.g., – optional

EntreForms® – Secure online forms for patients

EntreUpload® – Secure online portal for uploading patient records (can be used by patients or their providers) – see video tutorial

● Workflow management for patient records received through the website – see video tutorial

● Secure private internal-use websites

● Internal-use calendar

● Internal-use instant messaging (optional) – see video tutorial

● Secure video- and audio-conferencing with screen sharing, which can be used internally, as well as with patients and other healthcare providers

● Unlimited training and support

“What is really important is that OfficeFLO® is designed to be totally location-independent and disaster-proof. Healthcare organizations that switch to OfficeFLO® can operate virtually from anywhere. For example, a healthcare practice can switch to operating remotely from home and enable their staff members from the ground up in literally minutes, as long as their EHR system is cloud-based, there is a robust Internet connection, and they have spare hardware in place, such as Chromebooks and VOIP desk phones, even if their office is no longer available,” says Ruth Karchov, Managing Partner of the OfficeFLO Division at Entrespace. “This is especially useful in times of crisis, such as the one we are experiencing now with the coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic. Our clients can work from home and continue to provide services to patients and their healthcare providers. They can make and receive calls from home using their primary office number, send and receive text messages using their office texting number, send and receive emails using their office accounts, and securely access their office voicemails, patient forms and files received through their office website. In addition, they can conduct video conferencing and share their computer screens with patients and other healthcare providers in real-time.”

OfficeFLO® does not displace any existing EHR/EMR systems or impact existing IT providers. It can coexist with the existing patient portal and systems that are currently used by the organization. At the same time OfficeFLO® adds new options for online forms, and a new upload portal. OfficeFLO® clients can maintain their organization’s existing phone numbers and only replace an existing telephone service provider for phone numbers that need to be migrated. It can be configured to work with the existing Internet domain and the existing website, and if none exists, Entrespace will set up a new Internet domain and create a new website at no additional cost.

An OfficeFLO® subscription not only pays for itself, but also provides significant savings by reducing expenses for telecommunications, answering services and the cost of downtime due to last-minute cancellations or no-shows. Some of our client healthcare practices have ended up saving over 30% in monthly telephony and answering service expenses after switching to OfficeFLO®.

A free 30-day limited trial of the OfficeFLO® Healthcare Premium Subscription Service is currently offered to qualified healthcare organizations. To sign up for the OfficeFLO® Healthcare Premium Subscription Service, please visit

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