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Employee Lunch Break and Meal Period Compliance App Is Now Available for Businesses with Non-Exempt Employees Working in the State of California

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California Time and Labor Company, a fully integrated human capital management (HCM) solution, announced today additional functionality around their mobile workforce management app, “Pacific Timecard”. The Pacific Timecard Application assists employers in managing and documenting mobile employees’ meal and lunch periods mandated by California Labor Laws.

Meal Period and Rest Break Management!!!

Pacific Timecard Application offers a selection of over 20 alerts to mobile employees’ phones or tablets. The app enables employers to customize automated messages such as “Take a break now.” or “You are approaching your 30-minute meal period.” Notifications sent via emails or texts are sent to Management if an employee has not taken a Meal Period/Rest Break (required timeline determined by the employer). This enables the employer to manage mobile employees’ Meal Period/Rest Breaks preventing unnecessary premium pay. With Electronic Digital Signature Capture employees sign-off on mandated requirements such as Time Worked, Meal Periods and Rest Breaks, which helps protect the employer in any litigation from disgruntled employees and Class Action Attorneys. A variety of compliance reports can be printed, scheduled, and viewed online such as: California Meal and Rest Compliance Report, Meal and Rest Report, Premium Pay Bad Users Report, Premium Pay Audit Report, and many more. Simplifying the payroll process, all your mobile employees’ time and attendance data goes directly from punch to payroll processing for the utmost accuracy.

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