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Elixir Technologies Announces New CEO Tarek Harry

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Elixir Technologies Corporation announced today that the Board of Directors has appointed Tarek Harry as Chief Executive Officer of the California-based technology company.

Tarek assumed his new role on July 1, 2019, succeeding his father, former CEO and Elixir Technologies founder Basit Hamid. Basit has assumed the role of co-chairman along with former Elixir Technologies President, Feroz Zaidi.

Basit has been on the cutting edge of technology since his pioneering work at Xerox, developing the first WYSIWYG graphical interface with Intran in 1982, founding Elixir Technologies in 1985 and serving as its Chief Executive Officer from 1985 until 2019.

Tarek joined Elixir Technologies in 2014 and was promoted to Chief Operations Officer two years later. Elixir’s Board of Directors appointed Tarek as Chief Executive Officer based on his exceptional performance as Chief Operations Officer.

“For me it is important that I give Tarek the space to lead the company. He has already shown great leadership skills in his role as COO and has the trust of the entire company.” – Basit Hamid, Co-Chairman, Elixir Technologies Corporation.

For Tarek, the promotion presents an exciting opportunity. “I have grown up around Elixir and take immense pride in my father’s contributions to the business technology landscape. 2019 is an exciting year for Elixir Technologies as we continue to innovate with cloud-native communications technology.”

About Elixir

Since 1985, Elixir has developed technology and services to automate content and customer communication processes in regulated sectors. Today, Elixir designs and delivers cloud and mobile native business applications with intuitive and tailored interfaces that prioritize the employee experience, architectural scalability, and agile repeatability.

About Tango+

In 2009, Elixir began developing a modern, digital application platform to power Customer Communications and Content Processes in highly-regulated markets.

Today, as the company celebrates its 10-year cloud-native journey, Elixir leverages its modern application platform Tango+ to automate repetitive work, and configure user experiences to work smarter and faster.