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Electrolux Partners With NewAir Appliances to Launch New Line of Frigidaire Evaporative Coolers and Misting Fans

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Electrolux today announced that licensing partner NewAir LLC is
launching a new line of evaporative coolers and misting fans for home
use. The new product series will be available under the Frigidaire brand
and will provide extensions that enhance experiences of wellbeing in the
home. Additionally, these products align with the company’s
sustainability goals by offering consumers practical cooling solutions
that require very little energy to operate.

Since 1918, Frigidaire has helped families make the most of their time
and space by providing high-performing, easy-to-use appliances with
time-saving features. Global Vice President and Head of Brand Licensing
Ciaran Coyle believes that the evaporative cooler and tower fan are
environmentally-friendly solutions. “The new Frigidaire line meets a
valuable need for today’s energy conscious consumer,” said Coyle. “These
products are in high global demand in arid climates and we are excited
to offer cost-effective, low energy solutions to our customers in these

The Frigidaire/NewAir family of evaporative coolers use water and the
natural power of evaporation to cool. The product line includes four
evaporative coolers that chill rooms from 150 square feet to over 300
square feet in area. From simple cooling modes to high-end models with
additional fan functions and convenience features, there’s an
evaporative cooler for every household and budget.

“Evaporative coolers are excellent options for environments with low
precipitation because they cool efficiently and have low operation
costs. Additionally, they use the same amount of electricity as a light
bulb, which can lead to big savings while still effectively cooling your
surroundings,” said Luke Peters, CEO and Founder of NewAir.

“We’re excited about our partnership with Electrolux because we know the
Frigidaire name will bring this eco-friendly technology to more people.
We’ve been making evaporative coolers for years and know just how
effective they can be in the right climate,” Peters said.

The Frigidaire family of evaporative coolers will be sold on
and at major North American retailers such as Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond,
Lowe’s, Target and The Home Depot.

More Frigidaire/NewAir evaporative coolers and misting fans are slated
to launch in the coming year.

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For further information, please contact:
Jennifer Campbell,
Director of Business Development
Electrolux Global Brand Licensing

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