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Edison Mail Now Simplifies Blocking of Unwelcome Senders to Combat Inbox Clutter

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, creator of the award-winning AI-driven Edison Mail, today
released an update to the app for iOS
and Android
featuring Block Sender, a new ability to quickly and easily banish the
email addresses that send you unwanted mail. For too long, consumers
have been vulnerable to overflowing mail from people they don’t know,
don’t want to talk to, or represent irrelevant companies. Block Sender
stops those individuals, and their messages, from reaching you once and
for all. This ensures that your inbox only carries the messages that
matter—reducing email fatigue and the amount of effort necessary to get
through your messages.

To prevent emails from coming in from contacts you don’t want to
interact with, Edison Mail’s Block Sender works simply and seamlessly
for universal mail accounts (i.e. Gmail, Yahoo! AOL, Hotmail, Outlook,
and more). If an unwelcome individual sends you a message, you simply
have to tap the Block button in the upper right corner of your message,
then confirm to block the address. From then on, all email messages from
the blocked email address will be moved to the Trash, without ever
bothering you. If at any point you wish to unblock a specific sender,
you can easily do so from the Settings menu.

Block Sender is a feature that continues to showcase Edison Mail’s
dedication to helping users gain further control of their inbox—pairing
well with already existing features such as one-tap Unsubscribe, block
read receipts from being sent, bulk delete (for iOS), and more.
According to Edison Mail’s 2017 national research
on email habits

  • 78% of consumers usually delete emails from someone they don’t know
  • 72% of consumers feel overwhelmed by the number and frequency of
    emails they receive
  • 42% of consumers have spent hours deleting emails they don’t want to
    manage email overload
  • 33% of consumers feel stressed out when they are sent too many emails

“So many mail apps are lacking the control that users need to easily
block out the noise in their mailbox—the same way you might block a
phone number or social media contact in other apps. Until now, the
ability to block an email address required logging on to a desktop or
following a series of confusing steps—Edison Mail’s Block Sender
simplifies the process once and for all,” said Shuhao Zhang, Vice
President at Edison Software.

Additionally, Edison Mail for iOS added new smart shortcuts in the app’s
Travel Assistant to further simplify trip flows for consumers. Now, the
Travel Assistant will assist for the moments you would like to order a
rideshare, map directions, call your hotel, and forward your itinerary
— each action is automated with just one tap and without the need to
leave the convenience of the Edison Mail app. This feature will arrive
on Android by summer 2019. Since launching on iOS in April 2016, Edison
Mail has sent 10 million+ flight notifications (i.e. on-time vs.
delayed, gate changes, etc.), tracked shipping for over 90 million
packages, and organized over 500 million receipts.

Edison Software’s Developer API and research-backed
business model ensures that Edison Mail will remain a reliable and privacy-forward
alternative for consumers looking for an independent, ad-free, faster,
simpler, and smarter mail app.


Download Edison Mail’s videos about ways to fight email overload:

Download screenshots of the new Edison Mail Block Sender and Travel Flow
features here.

Read about Edison’s Privacy Commitments:

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