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Edifecs Launches Dashboard to Analyze COVID-19 Testing Claims Data

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Edifecs, Inc., a global health information technology solutions company, announced today the launch of a dashboard that provides the ability to analyze claims information from COVID-19 test data.

The dashboard, which is built into the Edifecs XEngine Server tools, allows customers to synthesize data related to COVID-19 testing to ensure scalability and prioritization of testing while understanding and tracking economic impacts. The XEngine Server delivers enhanced interoperability and the ability to ingest, validate, transform, and consolidate siloes of data seamlessly from any connection point or in any format in order to share the data.

The Edifecs COVID-19 dashboard will provide Edifecs’ health plan customers the ability to track how much of their population has been tested for COVID-19 using both the current virus genetic test and the upcoming antibody tests. Users of the XEngine Server COVID-19 dashboard can filter data between different types of tests and codes, analyze the data based on gender and age, determine testing trends over time, including which providers are doing an effective job of testing and which ones may need additional assistance. The data can be viewed at the macro and more narrowly at the member level.

“As an increasing amount of data is collected on COVID-19, it’s critical for our customers to be able to visualize and utilize it in a way that informs critical membership and population management decisions,” said Sunny Singh, president and CEO, Edifecs. “When thinking about reopening businesses and lifting stay-at-home orders, data is the true guidepost and we’re proud to create a system that assists with this process.”

The COVID-19 dashboard will be available to all Edifecs customers at no additional cost. For more information on the Edifecs XEngine Server, click here.

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