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Eccrine Systems Announces Collaboration with Maxim Integrated Products

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Eccrine Systems, Inc. announced today that it is collaborating with
Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. (NASDAQ: MXIM) on the development and
integration of analog signal processing technologies to drive Eccrine’s
sweat sensing platform. Maxim Ventures has invested in Eccrine as part
of this collaboration.

Eccrine is pioneering the field of pharmacoeccrinology, a non-invasive
approach to precision medicine based on continuous measurements of drug
and biomarker levels excreted in locally stimulated sweat. Personal drug
response data is derived from sweat using Eccrine’s electrochemical
aptamer-based (EAB) sensor platform. As sweat flows through the system,
targeted drug and biomarker molecules interact with specially selected
and modified DNA sequences on the sensor surface and cause a change in
current indicating concentrations of the molecules. Continuous
measurement of these molecules identifies patient responses to drug
therapy with the promise of helping prescribers optimize individual
dosing requirements more rapidly and cost-effectively.

According to Gavi Begtrup, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of Eccrine,
“Reducing Eccrine’s EAB sensor system to a convenient, cost-effective,
wearable format requires transducing small currents in a noisy
environment with low power consumption and high fidelity, all of which
are Maxim’s strengths. It’s great to be collaborating with the Maxim
team as we invent and develop the use of those sensors for precision

Shailendra Mahajan, managing director of Maxim Ventures, provided
additional insight. “From our perspective, Eccrine is an undisputed
leader for the continuous monitoring of sweat,” said Mahajan. “We are
impressed with their scientific rigor and emphasis on using
gold-standard comparative studies to validate their systems and data.”
Mahajan continues, “Of highest interest is their progress with novel
aptamer biosensors. Maxim has a long history of early involvement with
innovative sensor modalities that have applications for a broad set of
future products. Eccrine’s successful development of aptamer biosensors
will have great value to the healthcare industry and eventually other
markets. We look forward to helping them develop and scale their
electrochemical aptamer biosensor systems over the years ahead.”

About Eccrine Systems

Eccrine Systems is dedicated to improving health, safety, and
productivity through advanced sweat sensing technologies. The
Cincinnati-based company is deploying its breakthrough platform to
enable pharmacoeccrinology, an exciting new field of precision medicine
that will enable prescribers to optimize pharmacotherapy more rapidly
and cost-effectively through non-invasive measurement of individual drug
responses in eccrine sweat. To learn more, please visit

About Maxim Integrated and Maxim Ventures

Maxim Integrated empowers design innovation by developing innovative
analog, sensor, and mixed-signal products and technologies to make
systems smaller and smarter, with enhanced security and increased energy
efficiency. It established Maxim Ventures in 2015 to leverage Maxim’s
technology, relationships and capital to help build new medical device
businesses that are “beyond the chip” extending the data-flow value
chain into equipment, systems, software and services. It brings the
advantages of the company’s sensor, microcontroller, authenticator and
power management technologies to enable wider proliferation of medical
devices to address expensive and harmful diseases and conditions. Visit