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EasyRogs, the First Legal Discovery System, Is Free This Month of May to Fight COVID-19

Sponsored by Businesswire reduces the time and effort attorneys and their clients spend creating and responding to civil discovery, and protects our planet, too.

EasyRogs is the first cloud-based discovery management system. But it’s more than just a collection of electronic forms, it’s an “expert system” meaning that EasyRogs knows and applies California’s rules of civil procedure. It automatically creates completed declarations, verifications, and proofs of service. EasyRogs calculates response dates based upon California’s discovery rules and court holidays, and guides clients through their responses to ensure they’re code-complaint.

EasyRogs was created by Jeff Schwartz, a California attorney who previously spent decades in the software industry. It’s designed to help clients provide their attorneys with better discovery responses, eliminate bottlenecks like waiting for hand-signed verifications, and make service quicker and easier than ever before.

For example, clients who deny a Request for Admission are required to provide the bases for their denial. However, those bases must be provided in the client’s responses to Form Interrogatories, not their responses to the Requests for Admission. And EasyRogs utilizes electronic signatures, allowing clients to sign and return their verifications easily and instantaneously.

Similarly, clients lacking documents responsive to Requests for Production are required to state the reasons they don’t have them, along with information about anyone who might. EasyRogs guides clients through their responses, ensuring that they comply with California’s multitude of civil procedure statutes. It also guides clients through answering multi-part questions to help ensure that their responses are the proper subpart of the request.

EasyRogs charges $10 per service (requests or responses). However, to limit the spread of the Coronavirus within the legal community, it’s free this month.

EasyRogs makes discovery easy, saves time & money, and protects our environment and health. A short demo is available at