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Eagle Alpha Announces New Solutions for Private Equity Firms

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, the leading provider of alternative data solutions to buyers
and vendors, has observed increasing usage of alternative data by
private equity firms. Eagle Alpha is pleased to announce new solutions
for private equity firms.

Today Eagle Alpha published a white
to introduce alternative data, outline the rationale for
private equity funds to work with alternative data, give examples of
insights that can be obtained, provide case studies, discuss the
challenges encountered and outline Eagle Alpha’s solutions for private
equity funds.

Eagle Alpha has four solutions for private equity firms. The first is
Bespoke Projects which can be the outsourced data science team or
complement an internal team. The second is Data Sourcing. Eagle Alpha
has spent over 6 years identifying and analyzing hundreds of alternative
datasets worldwide therefore can solve key challenges such as dataset
discovery, quality screening and dataset prioritization. The third is
Eagle Alpha provides access to the best ‘Core’ Datasets that are the
must haves for sector agnostic private equity firms. And finally, Data
Forum demonstrates to clients how to obtain insights from each of the
twenty four categories of alternative data.

“Alternative data is being used by private equity firms for idea
generation, acquisition due diligence and portfolio monitoring. A
significant number of insights on private companies can be gleaned using
alternative data. For example, insights can be obtained regarding
competitive analysis, manufacturing, revenue, customers, people, mobile
strategy and R&D analysis” said Emmett Kilduff, CEO of Eagle Alpha.

About Eagle Alpha

Eagle Alpha was established in 2012 to provide alternative data
solutions to buyers and vendors of alternative data. To learn more about
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