Press release

DXOMARK Announces Upgrades on Its Consumer Electronics Benchmarking Website

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DXOMARK has upgraded its website with many new features that will help smartphone buyers identify phones with the best performing cameras, audio systems, and displays based on their brand preferences and budget.

As DXOMARK continually grows its testing capabilities to accommodate more devices at different price points, its smartphone reviews will indicate device comparisons with others in their segments (based on their official launch prices and the positioning of the products in the brand portfolios).

  • Essential (devices below 200 USD)
  • Advanced (devices between 200 to 399 USD)
  • High-end (devices between 400 to 599 USD)
  • Premium (devices between 600-799 USD)
  • Ultra-Premium (devices upwards of 800 USD)

Launch prices will be showcased in USD to maintain consistent information for users and will be defined based on product availability.

  • If available in US, shown in USD; if not, then:
  • Check availability in Europe; use EUR price in $ (1€=$1);1 if not, then:
  • Check availability in China; use CNY price in $ (1$ =6.6¥)2

NB1: The 1 USD for 1 Euro is based on the fact that often launch prices are the same in the US (tax included) and in Europe (tax included) or lower the rest of the time.

NB2: The coefficient for the CN price is not a currency conversion but is the average exchange rate ratio found in our database.

To illustrate, the iPhone 12 Mini is priced at $699 in the USA and €809 in Europe and will be placed in the premium segment. Going simply by launch price, the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, available only in China at launch, would be in the premium segment, whereas based on its launch price in Europe, the Mi 10 Pro is ultra-premium. However, our comparison of the specs and their relative launch prices in China places the Mi 10 Pro in Ultra-Premium alongside the Mi 10 Ultra.

Smartphone consumers often deal with choice fatigue. This update provides context to the devices users are interested in, helping them compare similar devices.

About DXOMARK: DXOMARK is the trusted industry standard for smartphone, speaker and digital camera tests and ratings. For the past 17 years, it has been recognized for providing the most rigorous scientific testing of electronics from an end user perspective using industry-grade laboratory tools.