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Due to Increased Demand Bee Mortgage App Extends Initial Raise on Fundopolis

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Bee Mortgage App, the first truly mobile mortgage app, announced today that due to increased investor demand after achieving key milestones the company is extending their raise. As one of the inaugural issuers on Fundopolis, an equity crowdfunding platform, the individuals who invested in Bee have far exceeded the initial fundraising target.

Quickly gaining traction, the company is overwhelmed with investor interest in its disruptive mobile technology after achieving the following milestones. The company:

  • Partnered with a national bank who originates over $5 Billion annually in mortgage volume.
  • Is now generating revenue less than 1 year after launch.
  • Passed $150,000 invested in their pre-seed round.
  • MVP (minimum viable product) is slated for release in May 2020.
  • Added a contract CFO who created a 5 year financial outlook (available on bee’s raise page).

“It says a lot about our team and technology to be gaining traction in an uncertain market economy,” Founder & CEO Curtis Wood says. “We’re encouraged by the fact that some of the most successful companies in history started in challenging economic times. Expanding in a downturn will leave us better positioned in the future when the market turns around.”

For more information or for those interested in investing in Bee Mortgage App’s crowdfund can visit:

About Bee Mortgage App

Founded by licensed mortgage pros with a team experienced in mobile app development and blockchain technology, Bee is disrupting the $2.6 Trillion dollar housing market with a new mobile mortgage app built on blockchain technology. By automating key data driven processes, Bee Mortgage App aims to lower the cost of getting a mortgage, thus making homeownership affordable to those getting squeezed out of the housing market. To learn more visit

About Fundopolis

Fundopolis empowers individuals and communities to invest in and support the small businesses they love. By placing intuitive technology and services in the hands of business owners, Fundopolis helps to fund their growth and manage the full funding lifecycle, all while cultivating deeper relationships with their customers. To learn more visit