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Druva Achieves Over 100 Percent Growth in Office 365 Backup Adoption

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, the leader in cloud data protection and management, today
announced that leading enterprises are increasingly turning to Druva to
protect their Microsoft Office 365 data. Offering an unrivaled
all-in-one solution for data management, compliance and visibility built
in the cloud, Druva’s Office 365 backup customer base has expanded by
over 100 percent in the last 12 months. Now global organizations
including the San Jose Sharks, WorkForce Software, Integreon and China
Aviation Oil are protecting this business-critical SaaS application with
Druva’s comprehensive, simplified and powerful solution free of
traditional infrastructure or overhead costs.

As the top enterprise SaaS application, Office 365 has become a pivotal
technology for tens of thousands of organizations to enhance employee
productivity and collaboration needs. The need to backup and protect the
data created or stored in Office 365 is definitive, however stringent
regulatory and compliance measures, such as GDPR, makes this a complex
proposition. To help enterprises solve these challenges and navigate
governance requirements, Druva provides a fully managed and
comprehensive SaaS application for backup and recovery, protecting
against malicious users, extending retention capabilities and offering
rapid recovery. Druva’s Office 365 protection, in combination with its
endpoint backup and governance capabilities provide a powerful suite to
manage data across the enterprise.

“We are past the stage where customers are questioning the need to
protect SaaS or Office 365 data,” said Jaspreet Singh, founder and CEO,
Druva. “As the depth of Office 365 expands, the number of vectors for
potential data loss – human error, misconfiguration, malicious
activities, insecure devices, etc. – become of increasing concern.
Enterprises now have a better understanding of shared responsibility in
the cloud and are seeking solutions that can meet their business
continuity and long-term retention needs while limiting cost and overall

Matching the continuous enhancements added to Office 365 every few
weeks, Druva regularly introduces new capabilities that deliver faster
time to value for customers, including granular policies and backup
restore capabilities across the three top Office 365 services: OneDrive,
Exchange Online and SharePoint. New features to strengthen Office 365
backup and restore include:

  • Enhanced SharePoint & OneDrive Recovery: Unlike native
    tools, Druva can recover at any level (e.g. site, user, folder), to
    any point in time, and anywhere (e.g. another user or site) without
    needing additional support. Restores can also be executed as a copy to
    another location, avoiding data loss in a recovery.
  • Point-in-time Exchange recovery: This feature, which is not
    possible with native Office 365 tools, enables administrators to
    recover former employee Exchange accounts, allowing customers to
    repurpose Office 365 licenses.
  • Last line of defense against ransomware: While Microsoft does a
    lot to stop ransomware, it cannot stop every attack. If an attack does
    get through, Druva provides the ability to recover with time indexed
    snapshots. Users can also immediately access protected copies of their
    known good data while their account is being remediated.
  • Increased retention options: Retention of OneDrive, Exchange
    and SharePoint data for customers can be a critical regulatory
    requirement. Using Druva, customers are able to store this data within
    a single system designed for cost-efficient long-term data management,
    preserving user data at a fraction while enabling regulation

“Very early on when we signed up with Office 365, we knew that we wanted
to be able to have a third-party store for the data,” said Peter Webber,
director of IT operations, WorkForce Software. “With previous solutions,
probably half to three-quarters of an engineer’s time was dedicated to
managing the backups coming out of our Office 365. Now using Druva,
that’s been reduced to an insignificant amount of time.”

“With remote sites managing more and more data, our legacy backup and
management systems just didn’t cut it,” said Sanjeev Jain, CIO,
Integreon. “Druva’s automated, cloud-native solutions were a perfect fit
and the Office 365 email backup offering is one of the best solutions I
have come across. It not only gives us flexibility, it also helps us
achieve ISO compliance.”

“We are consistently impressed with the performance and ease-of-use of
Druva as a solution for protecting our Office 365 data,” said Wayne
Choe, IT Infrastructure Manager, China Aviation Oil Corporation. “Our IT
team can now easily preserve and recover employee data, selectively
restore files, and meet any regulatory needs.”

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