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Docutrax Appoints Nicholas Zoppi as Director of Specialty Risk Services

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Docutrax, a leading third-party risk mitigation service that provides oversight and management of insurance-related risks to businesses nationwide, today announced the appointment of Nicholas Zoppi as Director, Specialty Risk Services (SRS). The specialized division manages construction-related insurance risk and is designed to help general contractors, property owners and their insurers quickly identify and remediate problematic subcontractor insurance issues that would otherwise increase risk exposure which could lead to unnecessary general contractor liability.

Unlike other industries where COIs are often adequate to facilitate risk transfer to third-parties, construction requires a deep insurance policy and documentation analysis to identify potential weaknesses or failures in subcontractor adherence to the contractual requirements of its agreements with general contractors. When an unsatisfactory issue is identified, Docutrax leverages its internal knowledgebase and subject-matter expertise to expedite revision of insurance deficiencies and remove preventable risk exposure to its clients.

“Insurance contracts in construction are the most challenging to maintain proper risk controls due to a greater third-party risk and deeply confusing contractual language that varies based on each insurance carrier,” said Zoppi. “As Director of SRS I look forward to helping Docutrax further expand this division and continue to protect clients from assuming responsibility for damages by no fault of their own.”

Zoppi has 15 years of experience in the insurance industry including three years with Docutrax as the senior manager of its construction practice. Prior to Docutrax, Zoppi was an account manager at ADP selling workers’ compensation policies and a sales agent with Liberty Mutual for personal lines insurance. Zoppi is a licensed P&C agent and is CRIS-certified.

“We are excited to promote Nicholas Zoppi to director of Specialty Risk Services, where his vast expertise in construction insurance contracts and state-specific labor laws will be instrumental for protecting our clients with elevated risk exposures from unnecessary third-party liability,” said Martin Mick, CEO of Docutrax. “Docutrax provides the deep experience and innovative technology necessary to provide superior compliance management in a streamlined manner.”

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Docutrax is a knowledge-based business service that identifies and reduces insurance-related third-party risk to a wide variety of industry verticals. Its professional compliance management service pairs innovative technology with subject-matter expertise to track certificates of insurance (COIs) and complex insurance-related documentation. More than 500 public and private companies and government entities rely on Docutrax to ensure that all parties remain in compliance with the insurance provisions of their agreements. All Docutrax staff are state-licensed P&C insurance professionals, its SRS personnel carry additional CRIS certifications. Docutrax is offered as both a managed service or cloud-based technology offering. For more information on Docutrax, visit