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Discover critical insights on how top pharma companies reduce costs and boost efficiency | Infiniti’s industry experts explain

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A well-known market intelligence company, Infiniti Research, has partnered with several global companies across industries to help meet their strategic objectives and implement seamless route-to-market strategies through turnkey solutions. Infiniti Research’s market intelligence and market research capabilities have helped companies across the globe combat business contingencies with agile strategies. Request a free brochure to learn more about Infiniti’s market intelligence solutions.

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How pharma companies can reduce costs and boost efficiency. (Graphic: Business Wire)

How pharma companies can reduce costs and boost efficiency. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Although there is an increasing demand for pharmaceutical manufacturing due to the rising rate of the aging population and unmet consumer needs, several significant challenges are weighing down the growth prospects of pharmaceutical companies. Some of these headwinds include unattractive pricing and volume expansion across all regions, growing size and bargaining power of payers, the emerging biological patent cliff, and the growing competitive pressure. Based on their expertise from working with several top pharmaceutical companies around the globe, pharma industry experts at Infiniti suggests critical strategies for companies to gain efficiency and enhance their R&D process. This includes:

  • Partial outsourcing
  • Business process management
  • Eliminate ‘non-value adding’ activities
  • Enter into strategic partnerships
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Heads of R&D at major pharmaceutical companies agree that there is a critical need to substantially increase the number of innovative new medicines while eliminating inefficiencies that drive up R&D costs. Request a free proposal to know how we help pharma manufacturers achieve this.

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