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Digital Matrix Systems, Inc. Announces Launch of TEST/DRIVE™ Data Source Evaluation Program

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Matrix Systems, Inc.
(DMS), announced the launch of TEST/DRIVE™, a
unique data source evaluation program. Through a single contract between
the client and DMS, companies can complete an easy evaluation of both
established and new-to-market data sources. Data source vendors will be
continually reviewed and added to the program to ensure that clients
have a broad spectrum of data options readily available for evaluation.

The traditional process that is required by vendor management teams to
identify data vendors and establish agreements is lengthy and filled
with legal and technical hurdles. To reduce this burden and make
evaluation better for both companies seeking data and the data source
vendors that provide it, Digital Matrix Systems has developed
TEST/DRIVE™. This new program supports a more efficient evaluation
process, ultimately providing clients with access to essential data
sooner. The DMS “one-stop shopping” approach to data access allows
clients to execute a contract with DMS, select from a broad spectrum of
data vendors, and then easily evaluate the data.

program highlights:

  • New clients execute a single agreement with DMS that provides access
    to all participating data source vendors
  • Clients will provide the test population to determine whether the data
    source holds value for them
  • DMS will provide a secure, confidential gateway for testing and

“I am thrilled to be launching a program that will bring a great deal of
value to our clients, and reinforce our position as the industry leading
provider of centralized connectivity, analytics and warehousing,” said
Mark Dreux, Vice President of Business Development for DMS. “Our clients
have always relied on DMS for access to the data they need, and now with
TEST/DRIVE™ they’ll be able to evaluate new data before they buy it.”

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About Digital Matrix Systems, Inc.

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