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DiDi Provides Update on COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Initiatives

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Didi Chuxing (“DiDi”), the world’s leading mobility and convenience platform, provided an update on its COVID-19 relief and recovery initiatives since January 2020. This update covers DiDi’s support for local communities, driver-partners, passengers and employees around the world.

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DiDi’s motorized sanitizing station provides free disinfection service for driver-partners in Brazil and Chile (Photo: Business Wire)

DiDi’s motorized sanitizing station provides free disinfection service for driver-partners in Brazil and Chile (Photo: Business Wire)

DiDi’s anti-coronavirus efforts have been ongoing since the outbreak began in China. As China takes encouraging steps toward recovery, DiDi is taking its experiences in China to expand its support to communities in other countries and regions.

“Since January this year, we have been working closely with health organizations, our passengers, driver-partners and employees around the world to navigate the evolving impact of COVID-19 and provide the best possible support to the people we serve and work with,” said Jean Liu, President of Didi Chuxing. “Our efforts in China providing support and relief during the initial outbreak gave us invaluable experience that can be leveraged to benefit the global community. DiDi will continue to mobilize all of our resources and technologies to help our communities around the world.”

DiDi, which globally delivers over 10 billion trips per year, formed a special task force in early January to coordinate all protection and relief efforts across China, APAC and Latin America. In collaboration with the World Health Organization and regional health authorities, the task force took DiDi’s applicable experience in China and mobilized the company’s engineering, safety and offline driver organization capabilities across all markets:

Safeguarding the health and safety of users and partners

  • DiDi Chile and 99, DiDi’s wholly-owned subsidiary in Brazil, began organizing regular fleet disinfection through motorized sanitizing stations in major cities in March. Hygiene supplies, including over 2 million masks and sanitizers, are also being provided to drivers and partners in international markets.
  • In order to minimize the risk of airborne droplet transmission, DiDi Latin America, following DiDi China’s initiative, is installing plastic protective dividers to separate drivers and passengers across its fleets, starting with 20,000 vehicles in Mexico.
  • To provide extra protection to couriers and customers, DiDi Food launched contactless delivery services in Brazil, Mexico and Japan.
  • DiDi’s engineering team launched an in-app information hub to provide COVID-19-related resources for users and drivers.

Supporting drivers and our communities

  • In order to support frontline medical and relief workers, DiDi launched DiDi Hero to offer free and discounted rides and meals to communities and healthcare workers across Latin America and Australia. So far, close to 48,000 drivers have signed up to provide 1.5 million rides and meals.
  • To mitigate the economic impact that the COVID-19 pandemic may have on DiDi’s driver-partners and couriers, the company created a USD10 million relief fund to provide up to 28 days of income to drivers or couriers who have been diagnosed with or are under mandatory quarantine due to COVID-19.
  • In addition to introducing food delivery services in new territories in Latin America and Japan, DiDi has extended its on-demand delivery and courier services to Australia and Latin America. This will provide additional income opportunities for DiDi driver-partners and couriers, and will better serve the stay-at-home population in these markets.

When the virus broke out in January, DiDi China took immediate action to provide support to emergency and medical responders, drivers and passengers. Since late February, DiDi has also introduced new initiatives to support the lift of mobility restrictions and phased economic recovery across China. These include the introduction of new delivery services in 21 cities, and new product innovations to meet rapidly rising commuting demands.

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Didi Chuxing (“DiDi”) is the world’s leading mobile transportation and convenience platform. The company offers a full range of app-based transportation and life services for over 550 million users across Asia, Latin America and Australia, including Taxi, Express, Premier, Luxe, Bus, Designated Driving, Enterprise Solutions, Bike Sharing, E-bike Sharing, Automobile Solutions, Food Delivery and Payment. Tens of millions of drivers who find flexible work opportunities on the DiDi platform provide over 10 billion passenger trips a year.

DiDi is committed to collaborating with policymakers, the taxi industry, the automobile industry and communities to solve the world’s transportation, environmental and employment challenges with localized smart transportation innovations by leveraging its AI capabilities. By continuously improving user experience and creating social value, DiDi strives to build a safe, inclusive and sustainable mobile transportation and convenience ecosystem for cities of future.

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