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DFM Data Corp. Releases the Anonymizer™ – The Digital Freight Industry’s First Neutral Data Clearinghouse

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Today DFM Data Corp., Inc. (“DFMDC”) announced the launch of its Anonymizer™ technology available May 4, 2021. The Anonymizer™ enables North American shippers, carriers, and freight brokers to collaborate using unique global IDs to track loads, shipments, truck capacity, and exceptions while maintaining the transaction stakeholders’ confidentiality. This patented technology creates platform interoperability both within and across multiple freight-matching entities. Furthermore, this technology brings advanced anonymized communication to the $800 billion North American trucking industry that has only recently started to modernize freight management legacy systems.

More than 17,000 freight brokers currently serve over 1.2 million trucking companies, with more than 15.5 million trucks on the road. The efficacy of the trucking industry directly impacts every company and consumer in North America. Since freight-market participants operate in siloed environments, the industry data is fractured. The inefficiencies of the siloed systems increase costs for the entire Logistics Industry.

DFMDC’s Anonymizer™ and Transportation Industry Data Lake solution feeds all Member platforms with accurate and instant data updates, serving as a secure repository of digitized and anonymized lane data for the industry Members. Member interoperability allows for new revenue streams, efficiency gains, and data reporting not yet contemplated in the supply chain industry, with additional benefits to the overall economy from a reduction of waste caused by inaccurate data.

The Anonymizer™ is the capstone of digital freight matching technology as it empowers multiple market Members to communicate load/capacity availability which facilitates dynamic digital freight matching. The load, once posted and processed through the Anonymizer™, is assigned a global common identifier allowing market-wide distribution. All sensitive information is stripped before broadcasting a load/shipment’s status. Once the load ID is matched, the Anonymizer™ sends messages to Members that an update to that load ID number has occurred, indicating a change in status. Subscribing to this synchronizing messaging system prevents time from being wasted on shipments that are already covered. Additionally, the Anonymizer™ is central to the freight market’s overall data hygiene and reporting.

As a member of the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce, DFMDC has been invited to present the Anonymizer™ to the Logistics/Supply Chain Industry at the Paris Blockchain Week Summit webinar on May 4, 2021, at 11 AM EST.

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About DFM Data Corp., Inc.

A Georgia Corporation founded in 2019, managed by the Membership, DFMDC delivers Innovation, Technology, Standards, Governance, and Best Practices for the North America Logistics Industry. DFMDC’s ecosystem of virtual and cloud-based technology blends authenticated data from Members with innovative processing and analytics, fueling the freight commerce of tomorrow.