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DFIN Announces Title Sponsorship for Upcoming RegTech Data Summit in New York City

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Financial Solutions
(NYSE: DFIN), a leading global risk and
compliance company, announced its title sponsorship of the Data
Coalition’s second annual RegTech Data Summit on April 23 in New York

As U.S. regulatory compliance and reporting standards rapidly move from
document-based disclosure to high-quality standardized open data,
financial regulators, regtech experts, academics and open data advocates
will discuss the latest innovations and what the future will hold for
the industry.

“As technology advances and data analysis becomes more and more
sophisticated, it’s important to ensure companies are still compliant in
the eyes of U.S. regulatory agencies,” said Craig Clay, president,
Global Capital Markets at DFIN. “The push and pull of data transparency
and the methods in which disclosures are being made are evolving
quickly, but DFIN strives to stay ahead of the curve, to counsel our
clients on best practices and ensure they’re not only compliant – but
confident in growing their businesses.”

Three technologies today, each with a unique angle, are transforming the
way companies analyze and report data: RegTech, new technologies to meet
regulatory and compliance requirements effectively; SupTech, which uses
these technologies to tackle supervisory requirements; and artificial
intelligence, that allows companies to use machine learning to sort,
analyze and effectively use data to drive business decisions. These
transformative technologies, are driving reporting modernization forward.

“In today’s world, strategically implementing technologies at the right
time is invaluable for a business’ growth. AI tools change the way vast
quantities of data are analyzed and reported, more effectively than ever
before,” said Ned Gannon, president, eBrevia. “Effective leadership,
paired with compelling data that’s extracted and analyzed by powerful AI
technology tools can truly transform a business.”

DFIN partners with public and private companies, as well as government
agencies, to prepare for transformation within the regulatory and
compliance industry with best-in-class financial disclosure technology
and AI solutions designed to deliver streamlined, high-quality data for
enhanced analytics.

View RegTech Data Summit’s agenda, including Ned Gannon’s panel on
Enterprise Digitization, here;
register to livestream the event here;
and go
to learn about DFIN’s AI capabilities.

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