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Denniston Data Inc. Launches Provider Ranking System to Compare Doctors by Experience Level

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Denniston Data Inc. is proud to announce Provider Ranking System (PRS), database software which classifies over 1 million providers by frequency of procedures performed and total dollars approved. Ranking comparisons among peers are national or by local geographic area. The stakes are high in healthcare. PRS is designed to find the most practiced physician for each procedure which can make a significant difference in outcomes and costs.

PRS enables a Provider lookup based on NPI (National Provider Identifier) or name, city, state, or medical specialty. Once identified, a provider is given a numeric ranking by procedure, based on how many times within each year, he/she has performed that procedure compared to other doctors who do the same. Information is presented on the doctor’s medical practice, including dollars billed/approved/paid, and patient demographics. Data trends by year for 2012 through 2018 are graphically illustrated.

PRS is unbiased – PRS will not accept advertisements, applications, or paid listings – and subscription based. The PRS methodology is transparent, derived solely from U.S. Government CMS Data. With the PRS software solution, users can pinpoint providers with the most experience in a respective specialty. The PRS software is licensed on a monthly or annual basis, or available for systems integration.

Phil Denniston, President and CEO of Denniston Data, explains, “After reviewing the highest quality evidence from peer reviewed published studies, we found one common denominator: experienced doctors have better outcomes than doctors who are less experienced; these results cut across every medical specialty and every type of procedure.”

About Denniston Data Inc.

The mission of Denniston Data is to bring transparency into provider profiling, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of patient care in the U.S. Healthcare system. The principals of Denniston Data have together founded and built multiple enterprises in the healthcare field based on medical database and claims-analytics. Provider Ranking System serves the needs of healthcare payers, medical specialty referral sources, provider networks, and hospitals, as well as marketers at pharmaceutical and medical device companies, and anyone researching medical doctors. For more information, please visit