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Denim Group Announces ThreadFix’s Integration with UBsecure

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Denim Group, the leading independent application security firm, today announced an integration with Japanese-based web application security company, UBsecure. This integration will allow UBsecure customers to generate .threadfix files through the company’s web application security scanner, Vex, demonstrating Denim Group’s commitment to supporting a broad range of enterprise-class application security integrations in their ThreadFix vulnerability management platform.

Within the application security space, there are a variety of security testing tools that all produce results in incompatible formats. The .threadfix file format provides a standardized method for scanning tools to communicate their results, gaining momentum as the de facto way to communicate between application security tools.

“We are excited to partner with Denim Group to continue helping our customers reduce their workloads and optimize the process of scanning websites and web applications,” said President of UBsecure, Kotaro Kando. “By integrating the .threadfix file exporter into our Vex DAST scanner, we provide our customers with the ability to take advantage of the capabilities of the ThreadFix platform.”

To add, through the integration with ThreadFix, UBsecure customers will be enabled to streamline their vulnerability management endeavors by consolidating their security testing results into a single unified view. The simplified view and risk-based filtering will also allow security teams to better prioritize vulnerabilities based on risk, giving them the outlook they need to identify and remediate the most serious vulnerabilities first.

“The UBsecure team has a rich understanding of vulnerability testing and the scenario creation methods for accurately detecting vulnerabilities,” said CTO of Denim Group, Dan Cornell. “We look forward to integrating with UBsecure’s Vex Vulnerability EXplorer to provide the industry with the most comprehensive vulnerability management platform that gives organizations a view of their risk from applications and their supporting infrastructure.”

ThreadFix now integrates with over 50 different application scanners, network scanners and defect trackers to help organizations manage vulnerabilities from discovery to resolution. To learn more about Denim Group’s integrations, visit our website here. Further information about the .threadfix file format can also be found here.

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Denim Group is the leading independent application security firm, serving as a trusted advisor to customers on matters of application risk and security. The company helps organizations assess and mitigate application security risk. Denim Group’s flagship ThreadFix platform accelerates the process of application vulnerability remediation, reflecting the company’s rich understanding of what it takes to fix application vulnerabilities faster.