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Datron Announces $9M in Contracts to Customers in Africa & Central Asia

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Datron World Communications, Inc. (,
a leader in tactical military communications products, has been awarded
two contracts totaling $9 million for the supply of spares for its
tactical HF and VHF radios to customers in Africa and Central Asia. The
contracts are a mix of Direct Commercial Sales as well as funds using
Datron’s IDIQ
with the US Army Communications Electronics Command (CECOM).

“Supporting our customers and providing them the ability to continue to
sustain the fleet of tactical radio systems that they rely on every day
is of the utmost importance to Datron,” said John Biljan, Datron’s VP of
Sales and Marketing. “Datron is pleased to continue partnering with its
customers in the international military market and the U.S. Government
in support of their respective mission requirements.”

Under these two contracts Datron will deliver spare parts and components
that will sustain the end-users ability to continue local repair
services, thereby expediting the return of radios to operational
readiness. Local repair services are a key component of the success of
the company’s customers’ tactical communications architecture as
life-cycle costs remain low and operational tempo remains high.
Deliveries of the two contracts are expected within Fiscal Year 2019.

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