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DataVisor Appoints New Vice President of Sales to Lead Expansion to New Key Markets and Partnerships for Hyper Growth and Scale

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the award-winning company delivering comprehensive AI-powered fraud
management solutions across industries, today announced the appointment
of David Cassady as Vice President, Business Development, Partnerships,
and Sales. David will report directly to Dr. Yinglian Xie, chief
executive officer and co-founder of DataVisor. Cassady, a proven growth
leader with 25-years’ experience, most recently led Europe and Asia
sales for Greenlight Technologies, an integrated risk management
software provider. He’s held leadership roles in several high-growth
startups and led many through successful IPOs and acquisitions,
including Virsa Systems (acquired by SAP) and Interwoven (acquired by
Autonomy, in turn acquired by Hewlett-Packard). Cassady looks forward to
bringing DataVisor to the masses, continuing his pattern of breaking
booking records, and helping to lead another visionary company through a
massive growth stage.

“We recognize that fraud is a global problem, and we are ready to
deliver a global solution,” says Dr. Yinglian Xie, chief executive
officer at DataVisor. “We’re accordingly thrilled to welcome David
Cassady to DataVisor. David is a highly impactful sales and partnerships
leader who has proven time and again his ability to drive global
success. With our newly-released DCube product already experiencing
great traction and market adoption, we’re looking forward to David
expanding our partnerships, increasing our sales, and growing our client
base. As exciting as this all is, it’s only the beginning!”

Belief in the product’s ability to solve a critical problem is the first
leg of what Cassady refers to as the “three-legged stool” approach.
After that, it’s market opportunity, and execution:

“Joining DataVisor at this growth stage is truly exciting,” says
Cassady. “My goal is to bring our visionary technology to the biggest
platforms out there—to bring DataVisor to the masses.” Cassady is
especially energized by DataVisor’s market-leading work in AI and
machine learning: “DataVisor’s solutions are beyond what is currently
available to the market. We’re leading the way to a new vision for fraud
management; one that prioritizes proactivity. Fraud is everyone’s
problem, and only the most sophisticated, scalable solutions can empower
organizations to stay ahead of rapidly-evolving fraud attacks.
DataVisor’s AI-powered approach and use of proprietary unsupervised
machine learning algorithms set the bar for delivering the kind of
performance global enterprises need. I look forward to representing a
truly world-changing solution.”

As detailed in DataVisor’s latest
Fraud Index Report
, fraudsters are launching increasingly complex
attacks with greater coordination and more sophisticated tools than ever
before. Fraud and risk management teams accordingly face critical
challenges as they strive to detect and prevent complex, massive-scale
threats while simultaneously maintaining frictionless user experiences.
David Cassady joins DataVisor at a time when the need for a
comprehensive fraud management solution that can stay ahead of
fast-evolving fraud has never been greater. Says Cassady, “I am thrilled
to join this team and look forward to helping businesses across the
globe proactively defeat fraud before any damage can occur.”

About DataVisor

DataVisor is the leading fraud detection platform powered by
transformational AI technology. Using proprietary unsupervised machine
learning algorithms, DataVisor restores trust in digital commerce by
enabling organizations to proactively detect and acton fast-evolving
fraud patterns, and prevent future attacks before they happen. Combining
advanced analytics and an intelligence network of more than 4B global
user accounts, DataVisor protects against financial and reputational
damage across a variety of industries, including financial services,
marketplaces, e-commerce, and social platforms.