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DATA Communications Management Corp. Launches Employee Share Ownership Plan

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DATA Communications Management Corp. (“DCM” or the “Company”)
(TSX: DCM) announces the launch of its employee share ownership plan (“ESOP
or the “Plan”), which is being offered to all full-time employees
of the Company and its subsidiaries.

“Companies who have initiated employee share ownership programs have
seen a more engaged and focused workforce – I like to call it the
ownership mentality,” said Gregory J. Cochrane, Chief Executive Officer
of the Corporation. “We believe the Plan will help further align our
employees with shareholders’ long-term interests and our board of
directors and senior management team look forward to having many more
employees become shareholders in DCM.”

All full-time employees of DCM may contribute up to a maximum of ten per
cent of their base salary through regular, automatic payroll deductions.
For each $1.00 contributed to the ESOP by an employee, DCM will make a
matching contribution of $0.25, up to an annual company contribution of
$750 per employee per fiscal year. Employee and matching contributions
will be used to acquire common shares of the Company (“Common Shares”)
on behalf of employees through open market purchases through the
facilities of the Toronto Stock Exchange as soon as reasonably
practicable. Common Shares will not be issued from treasury under the

The Company’s matching contributions will vest immediately, and Common
Shares held in the ESOP are not subject to any contractual trading
restrictions or other vesting requirements. Upon ceasing employment with
DCM for any reason, employees will cease to be eligible to continue
their participation in the Plan.

Employees may contribute to any or all of an RRSP, TFSA or individual
account, and may make changes to their contribution rates and transfer,
withdraw, or sell Common Shares at any time, subject to compliance with
the terms of the Plan, applicable securities laws and certain
limitations applicable to designated insiders during trading blackouts
under the Company’s insider trading policy.

About DATA Communications Management Corp.

DCM is a communication solutions partner that adds value for major
companies across North America by creating more meaningful connections
with their customers. We pair customer insights and thought leadership
with cutting-edge products, modular enabling technology and services to
power our clients’ go-to market strategies. We help our clients manage
how their brands come to life, determine which channels are right for
them, manage multimedia campaigns, deploy location-specific and 1:1
marketing, execute custom loyalty programs, and fulfill their commercial
printing needs all in one place.

Our extensive experience has positioned us as experts at providing
communication solutions across many verticals, including the financial,
retail, healthcare, consumer health, energy, and not-for-profit sectors.
Thanks to our locations throughout Canada and in the United States
(Chicago, Illinois and New York, New York), we are able to meet our
clients’ varying needs with scale, speed, and efficiency – no matter how
large or complex the ask. And we can do it all with advanced DCM
security, regulatory compliance, and bilingual communications, in print
or digital.

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