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Data Based Intel Announces Retail Analytics Platform Requiring No IT Infrastructure

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Retailers and vendors can now manage point-of-sale data with
instantaneous access to powerful analytics and reports that provide
complete visibility into product performance to drive dynamic business

Data Based Intel (DBI) announced that its proprietary retail analytics
platform is now available for the first time for companies that need
real-time, easy-to-understand information about inventory and sales to
help manage and predict consumer demand, inventory levels, rate of sale,
pricing trends and other critical retail performance indicators. The
web-based system can even forecast inventory needs based on historical,
current and expected weather conditions to help identify opportunities
for sales channels and product lines.

“Vendors and retailers cannot compete if they aren’t tapping into their
retail data to support agile decision making. It’s important to assess
business globally but also instantly analyze across retailers, brands,
geographies, stores, timeframes and more,” said Dan Limerick, CEO of
Data Based Intel. “Even with today’s technology, making sense of
millions of retail data points can be time consuming and expensive. Many
companies are still trying to sort through this via excel spreadsheets.”

DBI Does the Heavy Lifting

Not just a visualization tool, DBI offers a complete solution that
captures EDI 852 and other retail data from any source, cleans it,
analyzes it and provides retail analytics dashboards and reports
anytime, anywhere, on any device. What often takes weeks and hours, now
takes seconds with the DBI platform, enabling businesses to quickly
identify opportunities for growth and profitability.

Unlike other retail analytics systems, the software requires no IT
infrastructure. Retail businesses without an analyst team gain the same
actionable insights, dashboards and retail-specific reports that larger
vendors and retailers receive via robust IT teams. For those with
analysts, profitability is enhanced, as they can now focus on what they
do best – identify opportunities for the business.

CEO Case Study

With nearly 30 years experience selling his now nationally-recognized
home improvement products to America’s largest retailers, Dan Limerick
is a case study in his own right.

“When I first entered the retail industry, I quickly realized that
knowledge is power. In order to compete nationwide, I needed complete
visibility into point-of-sale data daily and for line reviews,” said
Limerick. “We challenged ourselves to help create software that would
allow us to manage and service our retail locations with precision,
while providing accurate information our management team needed to
proactively identify market changes and trends.”

The company’s products are now sold in more than 4,000 big box locations
across the U.S. Recognizing the important role the solution played in
this growth, the retail veterans realized the DBI solutions could
provide thousands of other retail businesses with the same advantage.

With no software to install, no contract to sign and a simple, low-risk
pricing model, the secure DBI web-based solution provides a rapid,
return on investment. From the C-suite to the merchandiser on the retail
floor, user-specific information is available immediately.

About Data Based Intel

Based in Atlanta, Data Based Intel (DBI) helps vendors and retailers
gain insight into their business and product performance through
immediate access to powerful retail analytics, dashboards and
retail-specific reports. Founded by a team of retail veterans, the DBI
web-based software was developed by manufacturers, merchandisers,
analysts and retailers with deep industry expertise. Not just a
visualization tool, DBI is a complete solution that harnesses EDI 852
and other retail data, cleans and analyzes it so that retail businesses
can focus on identifying opportunities across sales channels and product
lines for maximum business agility. For more information, visit