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Dapresy Launches Three-Tiered Reporting Suite Targeting Precise Needs of Market Researchers: Essential, Professional, Enterprise

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Dapresy, a global provider of data analysis and visualization software, today launched its suite of modular Dapresy solutions. They are the first to specifically address precise market research needs – from small to large, and basic to complex.

With groundbreaking technology for PowerPoint production and on-demand data exploration, Dapresy’s new offerings remove many manual processes traditionally required in market research. Dapresy now empowers everyday reporting without removing or limiting the capabilities that have enabled thousands of researchers to deploy sophisticated solutions for the most demanding enterprise clients worldwide. The result: one platform for all market research needs, be it brand and communication, CX/EX or other specific research such as mystery shopping and ad testing.

The platform makes it easy to import raw data from various sources and apply a huge range of market research specific analytics at the click of a button. The powerful back-end system does all the heavy lifting. Hundreds of built-in features help to automate and streamline the process from data to insights, allowing all stakeholders to take action.

The new Dapresy Essential, Professional and Enterprise plans let organizations easily upgrade as their needs grow. Likewise, organizations with more sophisticated needs now can license Professional or Enterprise for mainstay purposes and then use Essential for those internal market researchers with less sophisticated daily needs.

According to Dapresy CEO Tobi Andersson, “Professional market researchers today find themselves at a point where an entire universe of information is out there, just waiting to be connected, aggregated and put into context. Historically, we have addressed a full spectrum of reporting channels focusing on advanced, visual dashboards as well as highly visual CX/EX solutions. Today we’ve added products and services supporting PowerPoint deck creation, developing a suite geared toward empowering everyday market research reporting needs as well. By doing so, I’m proud to say that we’ve redefined the way researchers can report on and co-mingle market research data to create even more value for their clients.”


Essential plan functions include deck creation, cross tabulation, document storage, data importing, analytics, sharing reports, and more. Using it, a researcher could, for example, quickly create PowerPoint reports containing the most important findings and study highlights that answer vital business questions.


The Professional plan includes all Essential plan functions plus infographic dashboards, open comments, access rights, template library, custom JavaScript and CSS and add-ons, among others. With Professional, a researcher could create professional-looking infographic dashboards that differentiate them from the competition.


The Enterprise plan includes all Essential and Professional functions plus CX/EX management, multi-language support, hierarchy support, enhanced access rights, portals, PowerPoint batch reporting and several additional add-ons, among others. For instance, a research group could use it to easily report on an experience management study spanning several countries and groups and in different languages.

Essential, Professional and Enterprise clients can access 24/7 support from a dedicated team of market research reporting specialists throughout the world, covering all time zones.

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Dapresy is a global provider of data analysis and visualization software for market research and customer experience management. Its SaaS solution offers users flexibility and choice in delivery from standard cross tables, PowerPoint and PDF downloads, to highly visual and interactive dashboards. Market research agency and enterprise professionals in more than 30 countries utilize the Dapresy platform to clearly communicate complex data from markets, users and customers. Dapresy serves 80 percent of the top 50 market research agencies worldwide. Founded in 1999, Dapresy’s global headquarters is in Sweden with North American headquarters in Portsmouth, NH. In addition, it has client service offices in Germany, United Kingdom, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Australia. In 2017, Verdane Partners made a significant investment in Dapresy, allowing it to achieve its long-term growth plans.

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