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Damon Motorcycles Partners with West Vancouver Police Department to Enhance Officer Safety

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Damon Motorcycles, a leading two-wheel technology company, today
announced the West Vancouver Police Department as its first fleet
customer to integrate Damon’s AI-enhanced collision warning system on
its late model BMW RTP1250 motorcycles to improve officer safety.

Sales of motorcycles exceed 160 million units annually, and motorcycling
is the bedrock of mobility for hundreds of the world’s most densely
populated countries. This mobility solution offers the police force an
ideal and effective means for patrolling high-traffic and densely
populated urban areas.

Yet as semi-automated and autonomous car sales continue to rise, the
safety gap between four-wheel and two-wheel mobility is increasing even
for industries such as law enforcement. With the majority of motorcycle
accidents caused by drivers, families are often forever changed by
motorcycle-related accidents. Studies found in 40% of motorcycle
accidents, riders have no time to brake or take evasive action. With no
advanced warning, systems like anti-lock braking systems and traction
control are ineffective.

“We are addressing the larger problem of safety for both everyday riders
and emergency services such as police officers, who are seeking smarter,
safer and easier motorcycle rides,” said Jay Giraud, Founder and Chief
Executive Officer at Damon Motorcycles. “Through a unique combination of
sensors, cellular connectivity and AI, we are enabling officers of the
West Vancouver Police Department to react faster, and reduce
work-related injuries by retrofitting their current fleet with our

Damon’s Advanced Warning System for Motorcycles (AWSM) sees danger even
before the rider does, giving that one extra second needed to react.
Unlike collision warning systems on cars, Damon’s AWSM locks onto dozens
of objects in 360º around the motorcycle, and alerts the rider to
threats using visual cues and patented haptic vibration in the
handlebars. The sensor array also tracks the speed, direction and
velocity of objects to anticipate an accident ahead of time.

Damon Motorcycles is eager to implement the solution to police
departments worldwide in order to improve officer safety globally. The
Company is currently in talks with police departments throughout North

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