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D3 Security Joins Symantec Technology Integration Partner Program

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today announced it has joined the Symantec Technology
Integration Partner Program (TIPP), a global ecosystem composed of more
than 100 participating technology companies, in a collaborative effort
to combat cyber-crime and secure the cloud generation.

As part of Symantec TIPP, D3 Security can leverage an open ecosystem
which includes a complete API framework, as well as integration with the
Symantec Integrated Cyber Defense Platform. D3 and Symantec will explore
and strive to offer API- based integrated solutions that effectively
service customers and help protect them from security threats. As part
of Symantec TIPP, D3 will have access to Symantec technology, tools, and
support to enable delivery of these API-integrated solutions to market
faster and more efficiently.

“D3’s integration with Symantec’s Advanced Threat Protection, Endpoint
Protection, Information Protection and Email Security tools will help
centralize security events from across the client’s infrastructure, and
then automate the investigation and remediation of those events,” said
Gordon Benoit, President of D3 Security. “Our App for Symantec allows
SOC and IR teams to fully leverage the benefits of orchestration and
automation, providing an aggregate task-based view of security
operations, improving the speed and quality of investigations, and
dramatically reducing false positives and mean-time-to-respond (MTTR).”

In today’s threat landscape, Security Operations and Incident Response
teams are overwhelmed by the thousands of alerts that come in from
numerous security tools every day. Combine this with the well-known
cybersecurity skills and resources gap, and you have a perfect storm for
analyst burnout and serious cyber threats slipping through undetected.
Organizations need solutions that can aggregate alerts from numerous
sources, identify the real threats, and enable them to respond quickly
and conclusively. Integrating with Symantec’s tools is beneficial for
enterprises and service providers alike, by strengthening endpoint,
network, and data-loss protection, and improving and scaling important
compliance and incident response processes.

“In the cloud generation, it’s important for companies to work with an
open ecosystem to reduce the potential risk of fragmentation that can
result in increased vulnerabilities and high operating costs,” said
Peter Doggart, vice president of Business Development at Symantec. “By
integrating with the latest, advanced security technologies, our
partners can help protect their customers and data from threats. With
the Symantec Technology Integration Partner Program, we’ve made our
Integrated Cyber Defense Platform open for integration in order develop
deep technical integrations. Together, we can make a positive impact and
help make the world a safer place from cyber threats.”

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Integration Partner Program

About D3 Security

D3 Security provides security orchestration, automation, response (SOAR)
and case management solutions that are trusted by leading organizations
around the world, including 100+ of the Fortune 500. Security operations
and incident response teams depend on D3 SOAR to increase the speed and
quality of investigations, automate incident response workflows, rapidly
identify false positives, and dramatically reduce mean-time-to-respond
(MTTR). D3 SOAR offers 400+ integrations and actions, including a fully
automated MITRE ATT&CK Kill Chain Search that can analyze adversarial
intent and predict malicious behavior by correlating security events
with the world’s largest knowledgebase of cyber attack techniques and
tactics. For more information, please visit