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CyberPower Expands Medical-Grade Power Protection Line with Power Strip and Surge Protector

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Cyber Power Systems (USA), Inc., a leader in power protection and management products, has launched two new medical-grade products, expanding its product line for the healthcare industry. Both the CyberPower MPV615P Power Strip and the MPV615S Surge Protector are certified to UL 2930, the standard for surge protectors and power strips, which complies with the UL-defined standard for Patient Care Vicinity (UL 60601-1).

The UL certification standards mean both types of the CyberPower Medical-Grade outlet assemblies are compliant for use in hospitals, clinics, group practices, private practices, laboratory or other medical facilities, and allowed for use within six feet of a patient for non-critical care applications.

The new products add to the CyberPower Medical-Grade UPS (uninterruptible power supply) product line which includes three UPS models.

“Following our successful launch of our Medical-Grade UPS systems, it’s a natural progression to add medical-grade surge and power strips,” said Mike Dresen, senior product manager at CyberPower. “We have included a number of features to ensure the durability and safety that we’re known for in power protection. We gave special attention to ensure reliability for medical and patient environments, making the CyberPower Medical-Grade Power Strips and Surge Protectors a standardized, safe choice.”

Both the CyberPower MPV615P Power Strip and the MPV615S Surge Protector feature six hospital-grade NEMA 5-15R receptacles with locking outlet covers. The receptacles allow for greater performance than ordinary outlet assemblies, including grounding reliability, assembly integrity, strength and durability. Added Dresen: “NEMA 5-15P plugs on both products feature solid pins and large plug bodies which virtually eliminate the risk of shock and can withstand greater pull forces.”

Additional features of the CyberPower Medical-Grade Power Strip and CyberPower Medical-Grade Surge Protector include:

  • LED status indicators
  • UL 2930-compliant grounding lugs
  • 15-foot 12AWG heavy-duty power cords
  • Key hole mounting slots for flexible mounting and placement

The CyberPower MPV615S Surge Protector features 1560 Joules of surge protection, and fireproof MOV technology providing industry-leading protection and peace of mind.

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