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CyberLink Ranks Among Top 20 Vendors in Latest NIST Face Recognition Test

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CyberLink Corp (5203.TW) today announced that it has ranked among the
world’s top 20 vendors in facial recognition based on its FaceMe®
Facial Recognition Engine
, and third fastest among the top 20
vendors in the latest Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) 1:1 evaluation
conducted by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology
(NIST)1. With a score of 97.90 %, the NIST FRVT results
further cement CyberLink’s place as a global leader in facial
recognition delivering high-accuracy, low-latency solutions for
application in smart services and products.

When applied to Visa 1:1 image verification tests under False Match Rate
(FMR) conditions of 1E-06, FaceMe’s® ultra-high precision model yields
an FNMR of 2.10%. The results rank CyberLink’s development team 18th
out of all participating teams. This performance, along with ranking
number three for speed among the top 20 vendors, make FaceMe’s®
algorithm not only one of the most accurate but also one of the fastest.
As a result, FaceMe® is now firmly placed amongst the leading AI facial
recognition engines globally, and one of the premier solutions in

“NIST’s independent evaluations establish CyberLink as one of the de
facto leaders in facial recognition research and development on a global
scale,” said Dr. Jau Huang, CEO of CyberLink. “This ranking will help
further FaceMe’s® prominence as one of the world’s leading facial
recognition SDK and makes our solution one of the best options for smart
retail, banking, security, government, and AIoT services and products.”

NIST’s FRVT serves as the world’s leading benchmarking authority for
facial recognition algorithms with participation from development teams
around the world. Through regular testing of global facial recognition
algorithms and solutions across various applications, NIST aims to
establish methods to evaluate and benchmark the quality of facial
recognition as the technology continues to evolve and work its way into
an ever increasing number of everyday applications.

FaceMe® provides a fast, accurate facial recognition SDK that delivers
flexible integration into edge computing devices, across Windows, Linux,
Android, and iOS operating systems. Its AI-based facial recognition
engine can run smoothly on systems with less memory or with lower
CPU/GPU computing power, allowing deployments into price sensitive mass
market. FaceMe® adjusts to system’s speed, accuracy and CPU/GPU
acceleration, achieving quick integration into large-scale IPCs or
smaller-scale AIoT devices.

1 Ranking is based on the FRVT
testing result released on 2019/4/4. For the test, each
team/vendor can submit 2 facial recognition algorithms. CyberLink
FaceMe® has achieved 2.10% of False Non-Match Rate (FNMR), ranking as
number 27 algorithm in the VISA 1E-6 category. In this test, CyberLink
is ranked number 18 among all team/vendor (vendors submitting 2
algorithms are counted as one team/vendor).

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