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Crown Sterling Files Complaint Against UBM — Owner and Organizer of Black Hat USA 2019 Cryptography Industry Conference

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A complaint has been filed in United States District Court, Southern District of New York by Crown Sterling, Ltd., LLC, an emerging digital cryptography firm, against UBM LLC, the owner, organizer and promoter of the Black Hat USA 2019 cryptography industry conference — Case number 19 CV 7900 (SDNY).

Plaintiff Crown Sterling brings this action against Defendant UBM/Black Hat USA, the owner, organizer and promoter of the Black Hat USA 2019 cryptography industry conference, to remedy Black Hat USA’s breaching its sponsorship agreement with Crown Sterling and the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing arising therefrom, and for other wrongful conduct, actions and omissions.

“Crown Sterling is an innovative start-up company launching a new product, TIME AI™, which represents a paradigm shift in data encryption. We sponsored and participated in Black Hat USA 2019 with the intention of providing the industry with information on our new technology. As with any disruptive technology, we anticipated a degree of pushback from industry participants and competitors also attending the conference. We were assured by Black Hat and its public Code of Conduct that our presence would be treated openly and fairly. That did not happen,” said Joseph Hopkins, Chief Operating Officer, Crown Sterling. “The fact is, we relied upon these representations by Black Hat and we attended the conference in good faith, strictly adhering to the Black Hat stipulations for both exhibition and sponsored sessions.”


Crown Sterling is an emerging digital cryptography firm based in Newport Beach, California. For more information about the company, please visit