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COVID-19 Frontline Readiness: Elemeno’s Digital App Ensures Bay Area Hospitals Manage Patients and Keep Frontline Staff Safe as They Address COVID-19

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Sonoma Valley Hospital goes live with Elemeno in less than 12 hours following UCSF lead.

Up-to-the-moment infection control and agency reporting streamlined in seconds. National, regional, and hospital-specific practices at fingertips 24/7.

Like all hospitals, Sonoma Valley Hospital (SVH) faces challenges to ready staff for COVID-19. Realtime access to current protocols and guidelines is vital to effective containment and mitigation strategies.

SVH is a UCSF Health affiliate and relies on UCSF for support of quality care. Because of the COVID-19 crisis, UCSF recommended using Elemeno for COVID-19 protocols, available in the moment, in the hands of frontline teams, to support patient and staff safety.

The bite-sized app is an “expert at your fingertips” with mission critical information and continuously updated coronavirus practices, essential to patient care and infection control, available on-demand.

“With this new app, our frontline staff has immediate access to recommended practices to safely care for patients who may have COVID-19,” says Kelly Mather, CEO of Sonoma Valley Hospital. “It has improved rapid communication and training for our frontline teams.”

Interviews Available with:

Kelly Mather, CEO, Sonoma Valley Hospital

Celia Kruse De La Rosa, SVH


Dr. Arup Roy-Burman, Founder of Elemeno 510.220.1595

Pediatric Critical Care and former Pediatric ICU Medical Director, UCSF


B-roll of how the app can be used for coronavirus updates. On location interviews available upon request.

ED staff are using the Elemeno app to quickly access coronavirus information on:

  • Screening safely and preventing the spread of infection
  • Managing patients with potential COVID-19 infection
  • Quickly reporting suspected cases to health agencies
  • Protective gear requirements – face shields, masks, gowns, gloves and goggles
  • How to videos (for example, how to put on and take off protective gear)
  • How to Protect other patients, hospital staff and alleviate anxiety
  • Shared UCSF COVID-19 practices
  • Selected CDC and regional resources