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Convoy Launches Convoy Go, Enabling Any U.S. Trucking Company or Owner-Operator to Haul Pre-Loaded Trailers

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Convoy (,
a nationwide trucking network and platform, today launched Convoy
, a drop & hook marketplace that allows any carrier or
owner-operator in the U.S. to start hauling pre-loaded trailers — and
to operate at the same level as large asset-based carriers.

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Find Convoy Go Loads (Photo: Business Wire)

Find Convoy Go Loads (Photo: Business Wire)

Drop shipments (pre-loaded trailers) currently represent the majority of
Fortune 500 company shipments. To date, most of these shipments have
been serviced by large asset-based carriers. Convoy Go enables any
carrier or owner-operator in the U.S. using the Convoy app to operate at
the same level as large asset-based carriers, in terms of fleet
utilization, service levels and access to shipments. With its drop &
hook marketplace, Convoy Go creates a seamless “grab and go” system,
where carriers simply bring their power unit (a truck’s engine and cab),
pick up a pre-loaded trailer, and hit the road. To accomplish this,
Convoy Go leverages its Universal Trailer Pool, a nationwide pool of
Convoy-managed trailers that can be used by any driver in Convoy’s
network, with no rental fees.

Reductions in time wasted for drivers translate
into increases in productivity and earnings

“Convoy’s data shows that up to a third of the cost of truck freight in
the U.S. is attributable to time spent either waiting for appointments,
or waiting at the dock to load and unload,” said Tito Hubert, product
lead for Convoy Go. “This massive amount of waste has a direct impact on
increased transportation costs, decreased drivers’ earnings and reduced
overall trucking capacity for shippers. We built Convoy Go to enable
drivers to increase their productivity and earnings, all while providing
shippers with greater capacity.”

Convoy Go reduces driver wait time in facilities from an average of
three hours to less than an hour and provides 5 to 10 hour appointment
windows, offering drivers more flexibility to optimize their schedule.
Together, this translates into increases of carrier productivity of up
to 50%. Carriers can find, book and complete a load, all using the
Convoy app. Convoy’s Universal Trailer Pool is shared across all
shippers and trucking companies.

Since Convoy initially piloted this offering in 2017, the company has
worked with select shippers and thousands of drivers to tune the model
across the Northeast, Southeast, South and West regions. Today, the
program is available to all shippers and carriers nationwide.

Carriers, most of which are doing drop & hook loads for the first time,
experience shorter wait times at facilities and flexible appointment
windows, which translate directly into increased carrier productivity:

“In the past I was able to do 3 to 4 loads a week per truck but now,
with Convoy Go, I can consistently do 6 loads per week per truck,” said
Eduardo Canales, from Canales Trucking. “We are a small company with two
trucks and, in the past, we rarely did power only loads. Now, we operate
almost exclusively power only loads with Convoy. The main upside is that
the wait time is very short, we are in and out of facilities in 45
minutes versus more than four hours for live loads. Also, Convoy allows
us to have power only headhauls and power only backhauls which allows us
to work more miles.”

Shippers have historically enjoyed higher levels of service with
asset-based carriers measured in terms of equipment availability,
on-time pickup and on-time delivery metrics. Using Convoy Go, any
trucking company can provide shippers with high levels of service.

“Convoy has been recognized by our Operations team as being consistently
able to provide us capacity in a larger scale in tough times compared to
some of our partners. In the past that extra capacity was exclusively
live, which presented challenges during loading at our plants and
unloading at our customers,” said Fernando Bono, Unilever Logistics
Procurement. “With the implementation of Convoy Go and consequently the
expansion of drop capacity, those challenges have vanished and Convoy
can provide the capabilities and service needed to our plants and
customers with reduced risks to the operation. Having access to a large
power-only carrier base and additional drop capability has increased our
confidence in executing last-minute asks in addition to decreasing
overall service and financial impacts when those last-minute requests do


Convoy is a nationwide trucking network and platform striving to
transform the $800B U.S. trucking industry. With Convoy, carriers get
access to a free mobile app that allows them to find loads they want,
save time, drive fewer miles empty, and get paid quickly. Shippers use
Convoy’s data-driven insights and industry-leading service levels to
book loads, improve their supply chain operations, lower costs, and
reduce waste.