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CompuCom Partners with Intel on Remote Endpoint Management

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CompuCom®, a leading provider of managed digital workplace services and a subsidiary of Office Depot, Inc. (NASDAQ:ODP), today announced that it has collaborated with Intel to integrate the Intel vPro platform with Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel AMT) into CompuCom’s signature digital and automation platforms – providing simple and powerful cloud-based remote endpoint management, including proactive PC maintenance for remote diagnosis and repair.

CompuCom is integrating Intel Endpoint Management Assistant (Intel® EMA) into its ASCEND® digital framework and Self Healing Technology, which leverage automation to help companies modernize how they serve their employees and customers. The integration enables CompuCom associates to use these advanced automation tools for rapid cloud-based remote resolution both inside and outside the operating system for a truly holistic end-to-end product. As Intel releases features with Intel EMA, they will be easily integrated into the highly extensible ASCEND platform and made quickly available to users.

“The ability to remotely access, diagnose and repair client systems is becoming an increasingly important part of how we ensure our clients’ success, and Intel’s vPro EMA provides the functionality to do it easily and effectively,” noted CompuCom President Mick Slattery. “As Intel releases updates with new features, we’ll be able to quickly integrate those into the ASCEND and Self Healing Technologyplatforms, providing another major benefit to our customers.”

Key benefits of integrating Intel EMA into CompuCom’s offerings include:

  • Enterprise power management – Manage the power status of devices even when outside the corporate network to improve a device’s power consumption, while ensuring it is online and updated when a user requires it. To keep autonomous devices up to date, remote devices can connect into the corporate network at pre-scheduled intervals and run maintenance actions.
  • Remote keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) – Interact with a device as if in front of it, without using third-party tools. Control and access to the device is maintained even during the boot process. This is very beneficial for autonomous devices without an end user, such as those in a conference room.
  • Hardware inventory – Retrieve detailed hardware-level inventory information and events traditionally only available through the BIOS, which can serve an alternate source for data integrity validation.
  • Wake and patch – To ensure devices are in compliance, lets users find devices out of compliance for updates/patches, wake and patch them and shut them down when complete.
  • Remote diagnostics and maintenance – Remotely troubleshoot devices experiencing errors preventing Windows to launch successfully, enabling faster diagnosis and resolution times that traditionally would have required a technician to be dispatched.
  • Single pane of glass – Through the ASCEND integration, all Intel features are enabled via a single-touch button inside of ServiceNow.
  • Asset tracking – Geofencing can track an asset’s location; when it is outside an approved area, we can trigger automations which can be less invasive, and prompt for more invasive means, such as securely wiping the asset. The same wiping technology can be used for hostile terminations.

“CompuCom has been an incredible partner in helping introduce Intel EMA to its many customers,” said Stephanie Hallford, Vice President, Client Computing Group and General Manager of Business Client Platforms at Intel Corporation. “With the Intel vPro platform, we are helping to modernize manageability across the enterprise for today’s cloud-reliant workplace.”

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