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Collective[i] Launches “Intelligent WriteBack”, Converting Standard Work Tools Into Intelligence

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Today, Collective[i], the first and largest global network devoted to helping companies around the world predict, manage and grow revenue using RPA and AI/ML to maximize the output of human talent, announced “Intelligent WriteBack™”. Intelligent WriteBack™ automates the time consuming and error ridden process of humans entering contact and sales activity data into CRM. Now companies can have perfect rigor without sacrificing productivity and a database of institutional knowledge that is both accurate and comprehensive. Even more impactful is the dynamic data stream that allows marketing and sales organizations to improve every other process related to this data source from list management to forecasting.

Collective[i] provides the world’s leading sales organizations with intelligence, networking and collaboration tools to help them work more productively, better serve their buyers and accelerate their revenue growth. Intelligent WriteBack™ augments Collective[i]’s core offering which is a holistic application designed to optimize every aspect of the sales stack and provide organizations with the transparency, collaboration tools and intelligence they need to effectively compete in an AI-first world and grow revenue.

Collective[i] provides a seamless application that records contacts and sales activities resulting in a clean, comprehensive and unbiased data set housed in CRM technology provided by several providers, including most notably market leaders Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Using Robotic Process Automation (RPA), activities are auto-captured from work tools sales teams use (email, calendar, etc.), cleansed to update contacts, company names, etc. and logged into CRM using our patented technology and massive network. No data or valuable time is lost increasing the quality of data logged exponentially and organizational productivity by 20-30%. Collective[i] maintains the ongoing fitness of CRM data by automatically correcting outdated contacts and target prospect information.

Prior to Collective[i] and the launch of Intelligent WriteBack™, collecting CRM data required massive time investments which led to mediocre results undermining the ROI of every major technology investment. “We are on the cusp of radical transformation in the work tools that have guided companies. The combination of networked data and machine learning are unlocking insights and startling productivity gains. Collective[i] is on a mission to provide our clients, the world’s leading B2B companies, with everything they need to apply these advancements to optimizing and growing revenue,” said Tad Martin, co-Founder and CEO, of Collective[i]. “We are proud to have created and patented technology that impacts so many people and companies. Intelligent WriteBack™ is removing one of the largest impediments to linking human activities to business outcomes.”

For more information on Intelligent WriteBack™, client testimonials or to schedule a private demonstration of the Collective[i] suite of offerings which include dynamic forecasting, collaboration tools, buyer insights and other critical functions designed to accelerate sales and revenue growth, email or call (646) 400-5011.

About Collective[i]

Collective[i] (short for Collective Intelligence) hosts a global network and application that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to dramatically improve the way B2B companies predict, manage and grow revenue. Collective[i] automates data capture improving CRM data quality, provides transparency into where and how people are working and augments people with a layer of intelligence to improve productivity, deal velocity and win rates.

Collective[i] is a private company headquartered in NYC, with satellite offices in Silicon Valley and Montreal. For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter.