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Clubspeed Acquired by Nadavon Capital Partners

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Nadavon Capital Partners has increased its investment in Clubspeed, the
leading global software solution for go karting tracks, race tracks,
trampoline parks, and family entertainment centers, where it will
acquire a majority stake. Nadavon’s Chief Executive Officer Romir Bosu
will serve as Clubspeed’s CEO.

Clubspeed was the first to develop software serving a variety of family
entertainment centers, offering an innovative gamification and automated
marketing solution that drives increased sales with their customers. It
has since expanded to serve adjacent businesses within the industry,
helping business owners manage their operations more efficiently.
Clubspeed’s online booking engine, secure payments, mobile app, jump
tracker and customer management tools are examples of why it’s the
leader in the industry.

Nadavon Capital Partners originally invested in Clubspeed in April 2017,
and an opportunity recently arose to increase that investment.
“Clubspeed is a thriving business with a solid foundation, and a great
company with global reach,” says Bosu. “It made sense to invest more
now, as we continue to add new customers and expand in the family
entertainment industry.”

“I’ve spent 14 years building this company one customer at a time,” says
Eric Novakovich, founder of Clubspeed, who will be taking over the role
of Chief Strategy Officer. “Romir has a successful track record of
growing and scaling software companies, most recently with Compushare
and Paylease, and he provides expertise that will launch the next
chapter of our growth plan.”

Bringing in his competence to take the lead of Clubspeed’s business
strategy, Bosu’s focus will be to continue developing the company’s
venue management products to deliver value to customers, with a clear
vision to scale and expand in existing and new markets around the world.

He continues, “Clubspeed’s mission has always been to deliver innovation
to customers to help grow their businesses, and I am excited for the
opportunity to play a larger role in that innovation.”

About Clubspeed

Clubspeed has the world’s leading cloud-based software for activity
centers, revolutionizing the way venue owners and managers run their
businesses every day. Serving karting facilities, trampoline parks, and
family entertainment centers, its features include kart timing,
trampoline gamification, point-of-sale, marketing automation and more.
For more information, visit Clubspeed’s website at

About Nadavon Capital Partners

Based in Newport Beach, California, Nadavon Capital Partners is a
specialty investment firm focusing on high-growth software and financial
technology companies. A team of entrepreneurs themselves with years of
experience, Nadavon understands the critical elements that starting and
growing a business requires and serves as a financial partner that
provides advice, direction and value. For more information, visit
Nadavon’s website at