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Cloudinary Launches Media Developer Experts Program

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today unveiled its Media Developer Experts (MDE) program, a program
created to foster knowledge sharing and community building for
developers interested in advancing their skills and knowledge of
state-of-the-art media management and visual communication. The company
will welcome the inaugural roster of MDEs at its third annual ImageCon
conference this week, May 1st and 2nd, at the Palace Hotel in San

“Developers are at the heart of our culture here at Cloudinary,” said
Doron Sherman, VP of Developer Relations at Cloudinary. “Creating a
structured program to support and advance the careers of developers and
influencers passionate about learning, building and sharing rich media
technology and best practices is a timely and unique opportunity that
we’re thrilled to invest the Cloudinary resources towards.”

Cloudinary MDEs will receive prioritized access to the Cloudinary
platform, products and internal resources, as well as training
opportunities and community events. Certified MDEs will also play an
important role in contributing to the broader developer network across
the media management ecosystem through a variety of efforts including
open-source projects, hackathons, meetups, conferences, workshops,
content opportunities and more.

For more information read our blog
and to apply to the MDE program, please visit:

About Cloudinary

Cloudinary provides a cloud-based media full-stack platform for the
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has quickly become the de facto solution for web developers and
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deliver an optimal end user experience. Cloudinary has more than 5,000
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